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Where Have You Gone?

by Brad Moore

I looked down and you were gone.
Was it the tennis ball I had thrown?
Was it a rabbit or squirrel needed chasin?
Or maybe a shady spot just for lazin.
I looked down and you were gone.
Have the kids taken you out for a walk?
Are the neighbors at the fence for a talk?
My heart is sad, my face is long.
I looked down and you were gone.

In loving memory of our baby
Ch. Smithforged South St Sadie

The Spotted Rainbow Bridge is provided by Dalsavers as a place for comfort and closure for people who have lost their beloved Dalmatians.
Due to space limitations, we regret that we must limit memorials with owner comments to Dals that have crossed the Spotted Bridge in the last 3 years. However, we will be glad to list the name, dates, and owners of Dals that crossed the bridge over 3 years ago. Please be patient with submissions. They are reviewed before being placed on the list. Please email Dalsavers with the submission info as in the ones below.
This tribute is offered at no charge but donations are always welcomed, appreciated and will directly benefit homeless Dals, the little lost souls that have no one to mourn them...

In Memory of the Following Beloved Dalmatians

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SAVANNAH NANA HOWARD "nana"
December 1, 2002 - December 18, 2013

Nana is a true Angel and gave unlimited, unconditional love, affection and protection to her family.

Nana is eternally loved by all who knew her. I miss you and love you so much girl! Wait for me at the "Bridge," I WILL be there for you and the rest of my Dals.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes GRAND DUCHESS OF DUNCAN "Duchess"
February 16, 1996 - July 6, 2012

Our Sweet 16 little girl Duchess, Duchy, Duch, Duchess Girl, or in AKC talk, Grand Duchess of Duncan‰ joined Sage & Cassie at the Rainbow Bridge just before sunset on Friday July 6, 2012. She was born on February 16, 1996. Duchess will always be our sweet girl. She loved giving us sloppy wet kisses whenever our faces got close. She was our goofy girl who loved chasing squirrels and was once about 6 feet up an oak tree before she realized she couldn't climb trees. Her front paw in the air or clawing your leg meant she wanted her chest scratched. Any paper left on the floor became hers and she ripped it to shreds. She loved the wind in her face and her head out the window. She loved to play in the water, and wiggle on her back in mud puddles. We are blessed to have had her in our lives for more than 16 years. She will be in our hearts forever.

Ben & Debby miss our Duchess tremendously. Our only solace is knowing her body is once again young and she is together with Sage & Cassie running and playing.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Cody "codyboy"
March 2000 - March 2,2012

Our boy was a true gentleman - he loved us more than unconditionally. He used to put us to bed each night and he made it easy for us to wake up to a new day. He loved his walks and he loved he beach. He made coming home so exciting because he was always there waiting with his big Dal smile.

Cody was loved also more than unconditionally. Joseph and Mary will never be the same without him. He's probably hanging out with Valente right now. Take care of each other Valente and Cody we will be there before you know it. Cody, my love, you changed our lives and we will never stop missing you.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Ch Flashpoint's Something Wiccan This Way Comes "Piegan"
02/21/02 - 05/30/2011

Piegan (pronounced PAGAN) named after my Blackfoot tribal heritage. She was out of Champion Jester & Ch Jenna. A frozen semen litter which I had the honor of assisting with in the surgical implant with our repro specialist. She passed on my bday last yr. Thank you Sue Mac for the supportive email you sent during this most difficult time. It is the one yr mark since her passing. Sue, she was having the time of her life. You were right.

Miss P, as we called her, is still with me in my heart. I miss her smile and calm co parenting skills of my spotted clan as well as my own human kids. A wise friend & companion. When my time comes, look for me and show me the best places to take our daily jogs among the clouds. I miss you so much.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ISADORA FREEDOM'S ROAD LESS TAKEN "Dora" CGC, TD Inc., Reading Education Assistance Dog, K9 Public Safety Educator with TN Safety Spotters
January 13, 2009 - May 11, 2011

Inherited Copper Storage disease took Dora away too soon from so many! She was not only my companion, Dora worked with special needs and hospice children as a therapy dog, she educated hundreds of children about fire safety and dog bite prevention and worked with children who had difficulty reading by making it fun! She loved her time at home too and was so pretty she would take my breath away.
Besides her human family who are no longer with us, Dora will be missed by every child she shared smiles and joy with. Run free and easy, sweet baby girl and I'll be with you one day. You blazed a trail for all deaf dogs.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DONOVAN "Donny" Girzaitis
Adopted by Carol Girzaitis on the 10th of September 2001 from the Newark Humane Society. Date of Birth - 1 November 1998 Date Crossed Over - 18 December 2011

Donovan was the most loving, grateful and sentimental member of our family. He loved Carol so much and was always by her side. He loved to play with all of his toys and ALWAYS had a toy in his mouth when he would great you - he was very friendly, inquisitive and loved everyone. He was a beautiful dal with a beautiful soul.
The only comfort I have in losing Donovan is knowing that my sister Carol, the one who rescued him in 2001, was there to meet him when he crossed over with open, loving arms. He will also be reunited with our parents, Angie and Jack Girzaitis along with our other pets Laurel, Ginger and Cocoa. Be happy my dear Donovan and run like the wind. I will bring you your favorite toy when we meet again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes 'Tonya'
Rescued in 1998 est. 2 years old in 1998 DCO 11/30/11

Definitely the best of the best. Tonya touched every member of our family as she has been in it since we rescued her from an abusive home 14 years ago in 1998. She was a bit of a tough girl, yet had the biggest heart. She also had the sweetest "smile", yes~she actually smiled. We will never foget that smile.
Tonya will not be alone, we have lost other sweet pets over the years like Daisy, Cleo, and Micah who I know were waiting at the gate <3.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIR AL CHARLES OF SPOTSVILLE, "charlie"
March 8,1998 - October 6,2011

I thank god every day for bringing Charlie in to my life. He was truly a gift. We shared an unconditional love and loyality that was like no other. He filled my life with so much joy for almost 14 years, not near long enough. I miss him so much it is overwhelming. I can only hope he is swimming and playing with his tennis balls free of pain while he waits for me to some day join him.
Charlie was a huge part of our life. Everyone he met loved him and will miss him, especially Bruce Gregory and his mama, Lori. Wait at the bridge for us baby. We will meet you there someday. I promise.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAYTONA (bone or tona)
Dec 14,1997 - March 1,2011

She was so beautiful. Her ears were solid black with tiny white spots on the tip like earrings. She loved to ride and she was always so loving. We miss you so much baby girl.

She is with her Nannies - Ethelyne and Melba and her grandpa Woodrow. Also all her family that is with her now. One day we will be with her again, her Mom and Dad Tony and Carolyn and her cat Spooky and all the family left behind.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PONGO; "Pongo Pie"
December 11,1996-April 16, 2011

My sweet angel Pongo Pie, I rescued you once and you rescued me right back. I needed you longer, but I loved you too much to ask you to stay in pain. Now you are free to run with the wind again and to "smile" the way you used to before age crept up on us both. I'll always save a spot on the couch for you and keep you in my heart forever.

"Pie" was the light of my darkest days and always put a smile on my face. Ever faithful to Sue and Catie; we will miss you for the rest of our time here on earth. Please meet us over the bridge with your ever wagging tail and your sweet puppy kisses. Good-night my friend.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes 'Poncho'
rescued 3/30/06 (est. age 5) - DCO 2/11/11

"Ponchy-Boy' - You were such a sweet, sweet boy. After 5 years stuck in a pen and the scars from the pressure sores on your legs to show for it, you could have been a broken, angry dog. Instead, you were a sweet, happy, gentle fellow who was grateful for every moment and a soft bed to sleep on. You helped your best buddy Taylor to not be so stressed out about other dogs, and he helped you be brave at the dog park. You both helped each other burn off energy with epic wrestling matches. What great fun all three of us had! I am sorry you got so sick, but I am grateful you are no longer in pain. Thank you for being such a good, good boy. I hope you are having fun with your buddy Taylor again, and I look forward to seeing you again at the bridge.

Ponchy was deeply loved and will be greatly missed by his dad Jim.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DIAMOND
1994 - January 20, 2011

Our beloved Diamond was beautiful and an absolute joy to share life with. She gave us unconditional love and endless memories. We gave her a spot on our bed, another one on the couch, and lots of attention. In her younger years she loved to play with squeaky toys and would run 2 miles a day with her daddy. She loved human food until the very end, and mommy always brought home a treat for her. Luckily for us, Diamond lived to the ripe old age of 17, but it was still very very tough to let her go. She is gone, but will never be forgotten.

Diamond, mommy [Gilda] and daddy [Albrich] miss you terribly and look forward to meeting you by the Rainbow Bridge. We'll bring you a goodie and go for a long walk. We love you!!!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Katie
1994 - 11/13/10

Katie, you are missed more than you can ever know. Running errands is just a chore without you in the car. I'm sure Mum and Maggie, Benjie and Timmie are glad to see you again. It's a comfort knowing you can run free, safely, as much as you want, without pain or weakness. God keep you, Katie.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes EZEKIEL "Zeke"
May 10, 1997- November 12, 2010

He was our best friend, companion, cuddler, baby. He was our sunshine,and got us through some of the most difficult times in our lives. He was a total "Mama's boy", and loved being "spoiled rotten" (as two of his t-shirts said).

Zeke was loved by everyone he met. He will be met by our family members that have passed already. I hope you know the difference that you made in our lives. The day that we lost you was one of the worst times in my adult life. Thank you my baby boy, for helping us through the rough times over the last 13 1/2 years. We will see you again, and give you the biggest hugs and kisses when we do. Sleep well our precious boy. We love you more than words can say. XOXO Mommy, Daddy, Julianna, Mimi, Maggie, Molly, Emme, Lily, Riley, Max, Indi and Daisy...

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes 'SHAGGY OF BARSTOW, CA "Shaggy"
Aug 2, 1998 - October 25, 2010

Shaggy was a great part of my life, she was my best friend. She was always there for me and now I feel lost without her. She was smart funny and very loving and is greatly missed. She made me laugh feel loved every day. She is will always be in my heart.

Shaggy was loved by many from Christina, Callye, Avry, Diego, Audree but mostly by me Robbie. Shaggy one day we will meet again in heaven and will be together forever.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAL STAR'S LITTLE MISS "Missy"
01/29/1996 ~ 08/02/2010

Missy was my puppy since I was 9 years old. She has grown up with me, and got to see my two little kids. She was been the sweetest, best dog in the world, and her silly antics will be remembered and missed. We love you sweet girl.

See you soon...Love, Kellie, Matt, Analise, and Ryan..and your German Shepherd brother Koda who led you around when you couldn't see well.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Taylor
DOB unknown-DCO July 24, 2010

Taylor-You had an incredible zest for life and were always the life of the party. I believe your goal was to meet every other dog in the world. Our regular visits to the dog park were always an exciting high speed adventure. Maybe you lived life at 'double-time' because you knew you only had a few short years on this earth. Your 'rescue-mate' Poncho misses you, and so do I. Rest well my friend and we will see you soon at the bridge.

Taylor was much loved and will be greatly missed by his dad Jim, and best buddy Poncho.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes 'STARDUST OF ARD NI SIDHE, "Dusty"
Sept. 11, 1996 - June 3, 2010'

Stardust was a loving, happy dalmatian diva. She knew the world revolved around her. She was my constant companion and an ever present source of love. She was a terrible mooch and always had a silly grin. She bossed the younger males around. It was good to be the queen!

Sarah Macht and Phil Dean are missing her every day.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Zoe
DOB: Oct 15, 1995 DCO: May 10, 2010

Zoe was our 1st Dalmatian. She was deaf from birth and we got her as a puppy. She lived to be almost 15 years old. Was a beautiful spotted dal with a beautiful personality to boot. Was the class clown. Loved to play with her buddy Ming the wonder Siamese cat and go for long walks in the hills. She loved playing tug-o-war with her rope toy, sitting on top of her dog house looking over the fence. She grew old gracefully and finally her old body just gave out and we sent her over. She crossed over in my arms, at our home, washed over by our tears. She will be missed for her goofy personality and by her deaf dal brother Buddy and sister Snow. We will meet again sweet Zoe.

Charlie & Becky Pehl, Buddy, Snow, Ming and Misty Phoenix, AZ

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH ZAGREB¨S RAISSA ; "Raissa"
March 23, 2000- Feb.17, 2010

My beloved Raissa,my "velcro " spotted girl,your memories are the most precious gift you left me, a beacon in the dark, a smile amidst tears,a balsam to my soul, a life of loving lessons. I miss you more than words can say.You are like a mirage in the dessert left when you crossed the rainbow bridge so early and unexpectedly,taking with you a huge part of my heart. The Lord and the Angels have another beautiful Dalmatian with which to play. Run hard, jump high, smell the roses, find our beloved Robin, and some day we will join you to live in Eternity. Gentle Journey, beautiful spotted girl. Amen

Claudia (your mommy)& Alec (your daddy) Tina, Whisper and Josh ( k9 family) and Carino, Character,Platina and Ginebres(horse family)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Cassie"
May 3, 2001 - January 31, 2010

Cassie was a sweetheart, very gentle, a cuddler and she loved to be in sight of us. She loved food and whenever we weren‚t quick enough in getting her meals prepared, she let us know with a very distinctive "wooo wooo wooo." Cassie‚s name was short for Castaway. She came to us as God‚s Little Castaway, but she quickly became Our Little Castaway. She blessed our lives for not quite three very short years. She will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Ben, Debby & Duchess miss Cassie very much and know she is enjoying running & playing pain free with Sage.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes GENTLE SOPHIE WINDDANCER "Sophie"
12/4/94 - 1/30/10

What can I say...I miss your face Sweet Girl! I miss the smell of the fur behind your ears. I miss the look you gave me when I asked you to do something that you did not particularly want to take a bath, or get off your bed so that I could vacuum under it. I am so sorry that I could not make you better my love...I am so sorry!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Abby
1996 - 12/28/2009

Abby was our rescue - she was deaf and responded well to sign language. Such a smart girl she was. Her tail always wagging and what a hugger. She loved alot of attention and it wasn't hard to give it back. Abby will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Our sweet girl will meet our former dog "SPANKY" and someday will meet Henry, Peggy and her life companion KOKO ( who misses her friend)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ROSEBROOKS ASTRAL STARGAZER 'Gemini'
May 25, 1993 - Nov. 4, 2009

Her gentle life ended the way it our loving hands.

Good girl, Gemmers. You were the best. You made us proud with your dignity and grace...even in your final moments.

Sadly, Nancy & Tom
ps-And then, there were none. The Rosebrook Dals now are gone.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CARA MIA SUNRUNNER AMARENA 'cara'
DOB: 22-MAR-1996 DCO: 04-DEC-2008

I bought a single, trusting heart, which gave devotion, from the start. If you think these things, are not for sale, buy a spotted puppy, with a wagging tail. Cara was my first dog, even though I am 52 now. She was a 'person dog', that is one who thinks is a human and not canine. As such she behaved, loved and gave as another member of our family. Cancer tried to get her, but we fought with a new experimental drug that gave us an extra year. Blessed every minute since then and always remember your first dog like your best friend. Till the grim reaper takes me away, I'll be seeing spots all the way.

Cara will meet our other Dals Almitra and Katie whom preceeded her in our home and run-around the clouds will do their own.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Mark of Dalsavers of TN
DOB-unknown DCO-Nov. 25, 2008

Mark was rescued in March. He was a sweet boy and I knew someone would love to have Mark in their lives. He always loved to see me come home. He would wag his entire backend! He also loved to eat. There were a few people who were interested in Mark but I guess it was God's plan to leave him here with me. Mark died in his sleep on Tuesday during the day.

Mike, Tammie, Todd and Ian will see you in good health I know it! We love you Mark!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH AVIATOR'S DAMSEL OF THE MT 'Princess'
Nov 11, 1993 - September 12, 2007

Princess was my first dal and the love of my life. Along with her friend Baron I had hours of joy. She was a wonderful mother to 9 beautiful puppies. She love to sleep at my feet when it got cold. She will be missed so very much. You were just two months short of your 14th birthday.

Princess was loved by Claudia, Kiko, Mindy and Regi. You are now out of pain. Run free my little princess. You were loved and will be greatly missed. Run free with Baron. We will all meet again at the bridge someday.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes GREEN STARR'S CHOCOLATE KISS 'Baci'
April 16,1990-November 8,2003

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIMON, 'Stinky Simon'
August 7, 1995 - April 13, 2003

Simon was the coolest dog ever. He always thought he was the man of the house, he was so jealous. Always had to be in between my wife and I. Sadly, cancer took you away from us too early.

Simon is loved and missed by his 'parents' Jim & Sherrie, Kristy, and his best buddy Kane. You were my life, my love and my son. We'll find you when we get to the other side.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Sami

Another piece of me died when Sami joined Dukie and Daddy 10/8/2008. That's a day I'll hate, until I meet them at heaven's gate. My buddy right from the start, Sami will always be in my heart. By my side through it all, well,except to chase that tennis ball. I especially miss him on my lap, his favorite place to nap.

Sami was rescued as a babe, and joined the Wasiewicz family. He is sorely missed for the love he gave. From all of us left behind; Robert, Charles, Frances and especially Mom You will always be on our mind.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes STORMY

Stormy was a beautiful 11 year old Dalmatian pulled from a kill shelter in TN. She went there after her owner passed away and the children didn't want her. She was pulled from the shelter with her roommate of 10 years Thunder and they were brought to Pennslyvania to live in a home for foster until a forever home was found, or to live here forever if none was ever found!

Although we only knew Stormy a week she was a beautiful sweet tempered Dalmatian. It was obvious by looking at her she wasn't getting the care she needed, but we were determined to give her just that! Lots of TLC, love, and attention is what we planned on giving her. We did just that, but it was only a week we had her until her kidney's failed and she had to leave this world all to soon. Behind she leaves us the Derr's her foster family and Thunder her best buddy for 10 years. At the bridge she will be reunited with her owner who was probably very disappointed in his children while looking down knowing what they did to his wonderful dogs! She loved to give kisses and be petted during her short stay with us. She was the queen of the dog beds and couch during her stay also. Though she hadn't much of an appetite I am sure she at least enjoyed trying all the food we made for her. You will be missed my dear Stormy by all the lives you touched! Run and play now!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BANDIT, THE SUPREME KING AND MASTER OF 545 ROCK QUARRY ROAD 'Baby', 'Boy', 'Sweetie'
January 1996 to April 15, 2008

BANDIT, you joined our family after we lost our beloved SMOKEY [DCO March 1996]. Losing you has added yet another fracture to our hearts. We have been so blessed and honored to provide 'forever homes' for two of the most fantastic Dalmations ever. You gave us so much love, joy and laughter. We'll never forget your sweet, wonderful ways. To honor you, we plan to rescue another Dalmatian from a shelter and provide a loving 'forever home' as a memorial to you, BANDIT and to you SMOKEY.

We will never forget you and look forward to the day when we will all be reunited. Our forever love to you, Jo Ann, Mike, Keith, Vanessa and Anthony Sharp

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DUCHESS OF BORTONDALE, 'Duchess'
July 6, 1994 - March 4, 2008

Duchess, we are lost here without you. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you, somedays with smiles, other days with tears. Duchess loved boating, esp riding with her daddy in her dingy, riding the firetrucks, walks, sleeping on our bed and cuddling.

We hope you are free of pain and happy at the bridge with your 'fur-parents-Jake & Sugar, Nana, Mindi & Muffin and Gilly. You are sorely missed by Ric, Barb & Chris. Rest in peace angel until we are together again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Miss Polka Dot Spot
July 7, 1995 - February 18, 2008

Polka, it broke our hearts the day we had to let you go. We miss you so much. Remember how we shared the couch and our beds with you. You sure did love your comfort. You loved big hugs and kisses all the time. We sure miss your help making the popcorn or as we remember the 'Polka Pops' and how we sat down and shared the bowl. Please know that we think of you every single day. Sheba and Cleo miss you so much too. Some day, we will all meet again and be one big happy family.

We know that you and your sisters and brothers will be waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge with your tails wagging. Until then, our sweet little girl, the wonderful memories of you will live on forever. Love always, Karen, Susan, Sheba & Cleo

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALLAS
September 21, 1996 - February 12,2008

Dallas you still are my #1, I miss you, but you I know you are in a better place, where you have no were the sweetest little boy ever, I miss your kisses and tail wagging, I look for you everyday when I get in peace my little boy... Mamma loves you and misses you.

Dallas is missed by his family Kim and Kevin and sister Marissa...we will all be greated by him someday...

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes 'Dillon'
October 1, 1998 - January 28, 2008

I miss you bud! I imagine you're healed and happy and playing with Wally and the monster.

DoG Speed


cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CLIPPER 'The Dupeman, Dupe, Clip, Pipper'
July 13, 1997-January 4, 2008

Clipper was a great friend and a gentle soul. He never realized he was a dog. He was always with us when we needed him. His favorites spots were in our bed or on the couch, he was a warm, fuzzy, cuddly pillow. He dies of bone cancer way too young.

Craig, Amie, Spencer, Allie and Emilia will always remember him. He will be greatly missed and loved forever. We will see you soon, along with Mickey your big sis!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes 'DIXIE' FRAYER
December 22, 1995 - August 31, 2007

Dixie was the love of our life. She brought so much vim, vigour, laughter and life into household. She was a breath of freshair and we miss her so much and life will never been the same without her. She was just a treasure and we are so thankful for the prescious years that she spent with us. She gave so much of herself and asked nothing in return. She was my best friend.

Dixie was so very much loved and is sorely missed by Jane and Dave Frayer....her forever family. One day we will meet again along with Lowell her beloved labx who died 19 days ahead of Dixie of cancer.Dixie was so very much loved and is sorely missed by Jane and Dave Frayer....her forever family. One day we will meet again along with Lowell her beloved labx who died 19 days ahead of Dixie of cancer.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes NIKKI 'nikki'
March 1, 1994 - August 18, 2007

She was our 'baby girl' doggy who added light to our lives and showed us unconditional love. She was our only child who made us look forward to getting home each evening. That special smile and wagging tail will stay with us forever. Also who can forget a dal that played hide and seek and knew where we hid.

Nikki you can now run with 4 good legs with yours friends Alex and Grendel. When the time is right you can help us across the rainbow bridge. Love and miss you.... Brad and Candy

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes INFINITE'S TWILIGHT ILLUSION, 'Quay',
November 7, 1993-February 27, 2007

Quay, AKA my little poochie girl. You were truly a asset to the breed. You loved people and life. You loved being held like a baby on my lap as you slept. I enjoyed those times. Now I have those memories. You are gone but will never be forgotten. You are at rest where you can run fast again as you met up with your buddy Sly. You run and play my girl until I get there to meet up again with you and Sly. Make sure you keep him clean like you always did until I get there. Love you poochie girl! Know you are missed!

My heart is breaking from your passing. Just know as I know you do, I will be there to meet you again someday. Mom (Tricia) will bring some chewies when I come for you and Sly. Take care of him like you always did until I get there. You were a good girl! There is no queen like you!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAME EMILY OF THE HEIGHTS, "Emily, Lou, Emmy Lou"

Emmy Lou as you were so lovingly called you were the joy of my life. She was gentle and sweet till the day you passed over the bridge. I know you saw Domino and was running as fast as you could to be with him. I still see you and him running on the 18 acres, stopping at all the trees and smelling the flowers. Life is not the same without you but now you are back with Domino and I will see you someday and the both of you can help me cross over the bridge and we then can play together again.

Cindy, Jim and Rachel miss you every day and there is not a day that goes by that I don't remember something wonderful you brought to my life.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIR DOMINO OF BRETTONWOODS, "DOM"

Domino was my buddy, companion and best friend. He always had a beautiful dalmation smile for me and I always felt safe in his company.

I loved my Domino and he will be greatly missed by Cindy, Jim and Rachel. Emily your loving wife of 12 years is with you now and I know you were there to help her cross over the Rainbow bridge. I will see you there so play and have fun for some day I will see you and you can help me cross that bridge.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PATCH OF SAGE IN RAINBOW - 'Sage'
February 16, 1996 - November 22, 2006

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for the 10 ½ years we had with our little Dalmatian girl, Sage... Sagebrush... Sagey... or in AKC talk “Patch of Sage in Rainbow.” After a 15 month battle with cancer, Sage crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 at approximately 6:45PM. Sage will always be with us. She was our very sweet girl, our independent girl, our very stubborn girl. She remained a puppy as long as her body would let her. She loved to lay on her back and wiggle on the bed. You couldn’t help but smile. She loved to disappear to her couch in the garage. It was her space. Sometimes she would share with Duchess. She never complained. Even with all the pain and discomfort she had to be feeling this past year, her dignity and pride was maintained. She was our strong girl. She left her mark. We will always miss her.

Sage will always be remembered and missed by Ben & Debby Cossart, her sister Duchess and all the bears.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Dakota - "Coco"
December 1992 - November 2006

On Thursday, November 2 we lost our dear and sweet Dakota boy a.k.a. Coco! Dakota came into my life when he was just six weeks old. Dakota never knew what it was like to be hungry or cold. He never new what it was like to not be loved. Had he lived, Dakota would have been 14 years old on December 29. We share the same birthday month! Dakota gave me so much joy and so much happiness. He gave me endless smiles, lots of hugs and he loved to snuggle with me. He loved sleeping under the covers because he always preferred warm over cold. He was always ready to take a nap even if he had just gotten up from taking one! He just loved to cuddle and snuggle! He was such a sweet baby. Dakota had a wonderful heart. He allowed not so fortunate fur babies to come into our lives and after a brief pouting period, he accepted each one as though they had always been with us. He did this up until the day he left us. We gave Dakota the best care available

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PENNY penny

Our beloved Penny was the sweetest and most loving dog ever. She was so smart. She loved us and we loved her. She was truly a member of our family. I never experienced pain as when she left us.

Mom, Dad and brother Mark and of course, Nana.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Pockit ( rescued from the pound, at Camp Pendleton in 1997)is given name was ' Lord Byron'

Greatest dog I ever had. Pockit had the best manners. He was great with the kids. One time he got out of the yard and he and Dee ( our rottie) decided to go to a Pearl jam concert. The road manager called me ( because of his tag) and offered to bring them home.

Pockit can now run and play with Max and Aristotle. We miss you so much.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BO SMITH 'Bo'
July 23, 1992 - September 18, 2006

Dear Bo, You were everything to our family and our best friend. You taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. We could always count on your 'smile' when we walked through the door and a wet mouth when you got a drink of water. You were and will always be a great dog and a one in a million (and the best frisbee dog). There will never be another Bo. Thank you for everything you gave us and taught us for 14 years. We love and miss you everyday and you will live in our hearts forever.

Goodnight buddy. Please wait patiently, I promise we will all be together again and I can't wait to see your smile! We love and miss you, Mommy (Trisha), Daddy (Mike), Sister (Mallory), Granddaddy, Aunt Tina, Uncle Alan, Aunt Tammy and the rest of the family who loved you very much. (PS - Be sure to give Grandma Bobby a BIG KISS from all of us).

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ANGEL
February 14, 2003 - August 19, 2006

To our beloved 'Angel:' You showed us all how to have courage and face an severe hardship - an unresponsive seizure disorder. Despite everything we tried, true freedom from your ilness would only come at the cost of your separation from us. So I set you free today!! I can still see her; for death had no meaning today; For in time your sickness made it hard for you to stay. But harder still are the memories I cannot defer, Because across the bridge I can still see her!

Say Hi to all your dalmatian family from Mom (Dorothy) & Dad (Lynn). Greet Patches and Sweetpea, you have not met them until now, you know Annie of course. She'll share the tennis ball. Mollie is looking for you terribly today. One day we will all be toghether again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ARIEL OF CHICAGO - "Ariel"
April 1996 - May 2006

I never thought I could love and miss an animal as I do, but God knows you were my best friend, Ariel. You were so beautiful and elegant, never disobeyed, and always ready to please. No other dog will ever replace you, this is a fact. I love you so much. PLease watch over me.

Maybe someday we'll meet again, and you can shed your hair all over my clothes. But this time, I won't care. And I promise, we'll eat all the peanut butter and cheese you want :)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BUCKLEY'S BABY BOOTS "Boots"
April 7, 1991 - May 9, 2006

Our baby boots, you were the dog that beat the odds and gave us 15 GREAT years. You were the original terror who turned in to be such the lover. No flowers were ever safe around you. You were a loyal and true friend and you were Daddy's best girl. Thank you for protecting us and our babies. May you feel no more pain, run free in the sun and take long naps with your sister Prancer. God speed our little baby...unitl we meet again.

I know you are sitting with Prancer and Uncle Boots, by a big red firetruck, waiting for the Budweiser wagon to come by with your cold beer. We will miss you and always love you. Thank you for sharing our hearts. Love you forever...Dad, Mom, Tyler, Alyssa, and Brianna. And of course your bratty sister Jesse and the new puppy Hallie. She is really glad she got to meet you

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MICKEY 'Pickles, Mickle Pickle, Mick'
1993-April 22, 2006

Mickey was our awesome rescue dog. She was so sweet and loving and always had kisses and hugs for everyone. We rescued her from the pound on the day she was scheduled to die because of overcrowding. She was meant to be our dog. She was a great mama/big sister to Clipper. The only things she didn't like were cats!

Craig, Amie, Spencer, Allie and Emilia miss you so much. You are always with us in our hearts and fond memeories. We know you're up there with Clipper now cuddling together again!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AMILIEA LOTS OF DOTS "Amiliea"
June 6th 1998 - April 30th 2006

I look around, I'm looking for you my sweetheart....then I relize you are not here anymore, You have crossed over to that place I can only imagine, where Grandma is.....Grandma Please take good care of Amiliea... She loved me more than anyone, she protected me, she cared about me like you did....some people say that animals don't have feelings well they never meet my Amiliea....she could smile or frown if she was feeling down she watched over me, she could talk to me in own sweet way.

God if you can hear me please keep good care of her she is so special I miss her so much.....She loves to run she loves to play please let her run in wide open fields let her play with new friends let her watch over grandma just like she did for me.....


cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Sparky" (Sparkle)
DOB unknown - January 10, 2006

You were the nicest, happiest boy anyone ever met. The dogsitters never wanted to let you come back home. Some of my favorite memories of you are "frog legs" when you would lay on your stomach with your legs back behind you, "propellor wag" when you would get so excited and wag your tail in a circle, "morning love" when you would lick my hands and wag your tail before I left for work every morning, and of course when you would run laps around the field after I threw your ball only once. You were simply the best dog. I love you and miss you. I will see you on the other side my friend.

With deepest love, your 'dad' Jim Brewer.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAKOTA ROOBA DOOBA JOOB "Kota"
November 1993 - January 9, 2006

Kota would never sleep on a floor...only a couch or a bed...or any place you put a towel down! He loved exploring at the park and sitting in our favorite spot, after a run, to watch the sun set with me. I will miss that face in the morning that asks "Is it ok that I jump back on the bed with you?" I miss kissing that face. I miss Kota.

Koters was much loved by me, Elizabeth, and will be missed beyond comprehension. Remember the day we drove to the park one last time to savor our FINAL MOMENTS OF LIFE together before taking you to your destiny? When it's time for me to meet you, we will pick up where we left off, yet this time we will soar over those fields together! Please visit often in my dreams, my "dear-sweet-baby-puppy-boy". I loves you, my puppis

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Reilly ìPup-Pupî
November 22, 1993 - December 28, 2005

Reilly and his brother, Domino, were special gifts to our family from another loving family. Reilly was a very special little buddy to our family. He so missed his older brother when he passed a little over a year ago, that Reilly became a shadow to everyone! He was a very sociable boy, and quite the family (and yard) protector. My little ìpup-pupî followed me throughout the house, and his second favorite place was in the kitchen while I baked. Reillyís happiest place, however, was jumping up on the bed with me while I read, snuggling his back against my back. In his younger days he loved chasing and catching Frisbies, and racing his brother, Domino, to get the ball. Reilly was famous for giving the first ìalertî bark when anyone was approaching ìhisî yard or if he heard someone at the front door. He absolutely loved his belly rubbed, and would gave me a nip on the nose when I asked for ìkisses, kisses, kisses.î We know our dear little Reilly is at peace and without pain now, and that heís barking and running!

Terry, Lisa, and Logan Liffick, your adopted family. - Allen, Noelle, Austin, Kelsey, and Dylan Parker, your first family. Bark with all your might, Mr. Reilly, and use those strong legs to run now!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Green Starr's Freckled Friend 'Freckles'
April 16, 1990 - November 10, 2005

Donna Newman

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Pele"
July 7, 1993 - October 1, 2005

Our best bud, through good times and bad. Remember the hikes, backpacking in Wyoming, our trip across the Sea of Cortez, camping and collecting bugs on the border, your bone-treats and countless walks in heighborhood. I miss feeding you in the morning, seeing you at the window after a hard day at school and all of the trails we discovered together. Your memory will never die (or your hair come out of my truck's upholstery). Farewell Pele. We love you.

Matt and Lynne will walk with you again some day, and no leash this time.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ROBIN KING OF MY HEART "Robin"
November 22, 1996 - September 19, 2005

Robin, my beloved sensitive, bright boy, with the biggest smiles of all. You my breaveheart who put deep roots into our souls and left a crater in our heart and emptiness and silence at home when kÁleaving so abruptly and prematurely. I miss your huge smile, wet loving kisses, ever wagging tail, cute eyes, moist nose and silky coat. Your voice vocalaizing whines,whims and barks- reinforcing your vast body language till perfection. I miss your cheerfulness and mischief, your exhuberance, your charm...I miss that "air of mighty king" that could transform into tender baby begging for hugs or right into the gentleman greeting us back home. I miss your nose against the window pane asking to be let in or out. I miss you playing, intercating and roming around. I miss your boldness, I miss your companionship, I miss your presence everywhere. I miss your protection . I miss your warmth ...oh! how many more things given for granted I now miss- Robin ,you have molded us and carved us into better human beings through the unconditional love, devotion, loyalty and cheerfulness you gave us as a daily gift- Now our best treasure are your memories. Robin, my guardian angel,my beloved boy you are safe in our hearts and our minds, imprinted in our souls forever. I wanted to dedicate this The love song lyrics to you, this is how I feel: (Love Theme From "Titanic")

Every night in my dreams
I see you. I feel you.
That is how I know you go on.

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not
go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Alec(your dad), Claudia (me,your mom), Mabel( your granny) and the two girls,Tina and Raissa will be looking forward to our reunion over the Rainbow bridge. Be well till we meet again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALLION
DOB Unknown -- September 8, 2005

Dallion came to us as a 12 year old rescue from the Humane Society. He was always patient and long suffering with puppies. He seemed very grateful for his retirement years with us. He was a very good boy and I am happy that he came to us for the last part of his life.

Dallion is missed by his family, Angie and Steven Henderson and all the dalmatians at HiSpot. Rest peacefully old man, I am sure they have a soft pillow for you there too.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALANNA ROCK N HIGH ROLLER CD "Rocky"
November 17, 1991- August 31, 2005

Rocky was a very sweet guy and loved his squeaky toys. Squeaking them till they quit. Then he carried them waiting for them to squeak again. He loved his treats and never got enough according to him. He loved going to the park.

He is missed very much by his family and his sister "Misty". Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge enjoy running with the other dals. We will be together again some day. Love, Mom, Dad, and Misty

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MONA
DOB 1991 Crossed over August 15, 2005

Mona was a rescue dog who came to me at a time where I needed someone to help me. I had been in a major mva, ended up with a TBI and broken hip. But once she realized that I would never hurt her she gave nothing but love. She loved everyone in my family equally.

We lost Mona to bone cancer. I know Mona felt uneasy so I had told her that my older brother who had passed away when I was 2, would take care of her until we would meet again. I have started to write a book about her life to help ease the pain of loosing her. I will tell you it does bring back some very good memories of thing that we have done together.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Freckles, "sissy"
Aug. 12, 1992 - June 30, 2005

Freckles, my beloved friend. You came to my side at a time in my life when I was all alone. You made that long bumpy jouney with me and never complained. Your unconditional love never waviered, and days past when you were the only thing to bring a smile to my face. You were my sunshine and I hope we will be together again someday. May God bless you and bring you joy in the heavens. You will always be in my heart.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BUCKLEY'S PRINCESS PRANCER "Prancer"
December 10, 1990 - June 8, 2005

Prancer was our first baby.† She was our lover and our cuddler.† She never met a fireplace that couldn't keep her warm.† She was my best friend and today I was hers.† She will always be remembered for her unconditional love and warmth.† You will always be my one and only "woobie"† God speed my friend!† Find that fire truck in the sky.

Say Hi to your doggie daddy Sugar Frost Royal Flush and Spade.† Tell him we said you made us proud to be your parents.† Also, find my Uncle Boots, he will love you and cuddle you and keep you warm. We will see you again someday. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Tyler, Alyssa and Brianna,† Boots and Jesse too

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CHEVROLET "Chevy"
DOB: Unknown. DCO: March 29, 2005

You came to us from Rescue. Your were dumped at the pound at 3 months old. Had several homes and was severly abused. We gave you three years of love and your forever home. You loved to play ball and go for walks. You brought to life our old Dal Zoe. Your were my best freind, and I love and miss you. Your deamons got the best of you, started biting and fighting so we sent you where your troubles are over and you can live in peace. Sleep Well, know inner peace.

Chevy was loved and is missed by Charlie, Becky Pehl. Your old buddy "ZOE" and your favorite cat "Ming". Rest well, play with your ball and smell the flowers until we come to greet you with a new spikey ball.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Joule ("Jewel")
?-2000 to March 2, 2005

Beautiful 4-year-old Jewel came to our house a year ago. All we knew was her approximate age, and that ours was her fourth home. We have plenty of acerage, and she had such fun running with the other dogs. A few months ago, we learned that she had a chronic abdominal condition that made it difficult to breathe. Dispite her discomfort, she was the happiest dog we've ever seen. She wagged her tail and flashed that big dalmatian smile whenever anyone would greet her.

Brian, Heidi, Cooper, Miller, Bill, Harley, Spencer, and Nori miss your big, silly smiles.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes RANMA LA PUPPUP "Pup Pup"

My friend, my life, my goofy boy. Take care of my heart til I see you again. For you truly took it with you the night I had to let you go. You fought so hard to stay, but I knew, the last 2 nights that I laid by you while you tried to rest that it was time. What ever illness that had happen upon you had won. And I don't whole any hard feelings toward your Dr. for not being able to do anything more for you. He tried, but your condition was a mystery all who seen you during your illness.

Alice your mom, and Clint, Jennifer and her husband Edward will all see you again one day and have fun playing chase with you. We'll all be together again with our entire spotted family, Sara, Harry, Merlin, Molly, Drizzt, Cleo, Keebler and Abby. Til then my beloved friend.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes FORISTER'S SCOTLAND SKYLAR "scottie"
NOV. 21, 1994 - FEB. 18, 2005

You were and are the center of my heart. I loved you from the moment I held you as a very tiny little one. I can't wait to see you again, and so does your little brother "Tucker". PePaw loves you and you're with NeNaw now.

I love you angel. My heart breaks daily. Mom, Sissy, PePaw, Tucker.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LADY CHELSEY ANN OF SANDWICH "Chelsey"
May 23, 1995 - Feb. 17, 2005

Chelsey, your sweet love and compassion will never be forgotten... The void in my soul, shall never be filled. Goodbye for now my sweet baby girl, someday we'll be together again forever.

Chelsey was so very special she will be missed by Mom (Joy) Dad (Jim) and Michael. Our pockets will be full of cookies for you when we meet again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAPHNE'S DOMINOE CD NA NAJ "Dominoe"
October 12, 1988 - February 2, 2005

Gone from My Sight

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side
spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and
starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty
and strength. I stand and watch her until at length.
she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where
the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.

Then someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!"

"Gone where?"

Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in
mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and
she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her
destined port.

Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the
moment when someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!"
There are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices
ready to take up the glad shout: "Here she comes!"

And that is dying.

Dominoe, you are gone from my sight, but never from my heart,
Mary-Lynn / WoodwyndDals

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LADY ANNE OF SUNSET "Annie"
November 24, 1994 - December 16, 2004

You came to us on New Year's Eve 10 years ago full of joy and play. Chasing balls was your passion from your first day to your last. This is for you my faithful friend who never tired of showing your love of life & play.

A Dog's Ball

Why is it sitting quietly on a shelf today?
Should it not be used for a wonderful time of play?

What grand days there were in chasing around in joy and game,
For in sun or snow, grass or couch, the enjoyment was all the same.

Here, there, and everywhere ? from outside walls to table lamps it went;
It just took a faithful friend to join the fun to where the ball was sent.

So where is the dog to which it belongs?
And why does it remain on the shelf for so long?
Go play with Sweetpea, Patches, Blacky & Grandmother. I'm sure they already have a ball for you to chase. Lynn, Dorothy, James & Caroline miss you very much. Angel keeps looking on the bed, but you are not there. Sweet dreams my spotted one.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Can. Ch. ZARA'S BLACK DIAMOND LILY, "Lily
June 4,1996 - December 15th, 2004

Lily was a very special friend to us! Her twice daily walks were always interesting to say the least. We miss her terribly!

Wendy and Brian will see you again one day.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BEASLEY "dotty"
August 8,1991 - December 11, 2004

Well how do I start. Thank you for being my best friend for 13+ years. Your were so beautiful with all your spots. But even more your love and friendship I will keep forever in my thoughts.
Thanks for being by my side always. Tail wagging and always happy.

Please go over rainbow bridge. Play all day. Love everyday just as you did with me here. One day when it is my time, I will search to no end so we may be together again. Until then I have you in my heart forever, but still always missing you.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes OTTO
APRIL 15 1996- DEC 3 2004



cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PRINCE JORDAN OF DELHI (Jordan)
11/3/1993 11/8/2004

Jordan was our beloved 11yr old that we had since a puppy. He was our first dog and our beloved. He was so sweet and happy to go to the park everyday with his dad. His last few years he had arthritis and finally heart failure but he never lost his spirit. Jordan we miss you and someday we will be together again on the Rainbow Bridge.

You have a new sister here now, her name is HiSpot Miss Bailey and someday she will join you on that bridge and we will all be reunited with Terry,Kathy,Kevin,Brian,Katie and Gizmo.The Finkelmeier"s.
Run well my friend ,
just like you did when you were 2.

Love, Mom

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Abby
July 7, 1993 - March 15, 2004

God chose us to rescue Abby from fear and pain, and was one of our best friends for 10 years, until cancer overcame her and we once again rescued her from pain.I will never forget the first time she smiled at me, how she would sing in the car on the way to the dog-park, or the feeling of her head tucked in alongside my neck as we napped. The miracle of her recovery from fear taught us all so much about faith, love, patience and trust.

Abby was loved and treasured by Rae Ann, Michael, Caitlin, Jared and Justin Hassler. Go night-night, Abby. You are at peace now and you will never hurt again. We know that one day we will meet you again and know again your all-encompassing love.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PEPPER OF AVALON,PA "PEPPER"
Feb.11 1996 - March 5,2004

Pepper you brought our family so much joy. Why did you have to leave us so soon? We miss you so much... I still hurt today the same as I did that day you died in my arms. Thank you for all the joy you brought us. I will never forget you.

Pepper we miss you so much and will be greatly missed by Jimmie, Lisa & Amanda Hughes. We will meet again MY BUDDY

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes INDY
APRIL 21 1998-JULY 21 2004



cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Domino
June 22, 1993 - September 16, 2004

Domino and his brother, Reilly, were special gifts to our family from another loving family. Domino was the most loving boy, and always "cared" about what his people thought. He would look up at you with those dreamy brown eyes and often would place his head on your lap when working at the computer. His favorite thing was galloping after his ball and frisbee! Your dal brother, Reilly, and human brother, Logan, look for you every day, Domino. We all miss, miss, miss our Big D. and his 'wolf' bark. We know you have met up with our previous dalgal, Miss Liberty ("Libby"). Give her a big hug for us. We love that you visit us each day, too. Until we meet again, Mr. Domino, we love you with all our hearts.

Terry, Lisa, and Logan Liffick, your adopted family. - Allen, Noelle, Austin, Kelsey, and Dylan Parker, your first family. Run, run, run and chase that ball, lovely Domino, and have fun now that you are young and strong again!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MINNESOTA PRIDE PAISLEY JAKE, ìJakeî
April 7, 1992 - August 24 2004

God saw you getting tired
When a cure was not to be
So he closed his arms around
and whispered, "come to me."

You didn't deserve
what you went through
And so he gave you rest
God's garden must be beautiful

He only takes the best
So when we saw you sleeping
So peaceful and free from pain
We could not wish you back
To suffer that again.

Jake was our love our child and the one who seemed to hold the family together, untill we meet again Dennis, Marlys, & Penny Smith

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH KORCULA MIDNIGHT AMANDA CD "Mandy"
August 23, 1989 - June 23, 2004

You always marched to your own drummer and that is what made you so special. We have your beautiful off springs to carry on your beautiful looks and temperment.I have so many memories of the fun things we did together and now enjoy your kids that have come to be with you until the rest of your family joins you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mandy was so special to all she met and her family, both two legged and four legged miss her very much. Sleep well, little Mandy, I have your horsey and chicken that sleep on my bed each night since you have left this world. I still feel as if you are with me, although I can't see you. Love, Mom

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. BRIAN'S 101 CHANCES "Chance"
April 24, 1993-June 8, 2004

Chance, you were the the light of my life. I will forever miss your special smile and way of "speaking". Thank you for being my faithful friend and great protector, the house is quiet and lonely without you.

Chance was loved and will be sorely missed by his mommy Karen, Daddy Brian, Robert, Savannah, Ashton and his faithful mate Schnitzel. Be at peace my beloved Foofy until I cross the bridge to be at your side again. I love you.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Falcor Wildfire "fal"
July 1995 - June 7, 2004

The smartest, stupidest and most faithful friend I ever had. He was the alpha of the pack because Bailey let him be. He never missed a chance to mow the grass with me. I wish he were here to drop the tennis ball in front of the mower one last time. Only dog I ever know who would spend hours hunting crickets.

Fal is dearly loved and terribly missed by Alex, Stopher, Jessie, Tommy, and Mom and Dad. Bailey and April are taking care of us now. Rest in peace my friend. The hurt is gone. Make sure you find all the crickets under the bridge. I love you and I'l see you soon my friend.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Officer Jake Bailey "Jake Man"
February 4, 1994 to May 29, 2004

Jake, you have been such a very special friend since the day that we met. You were always at the door to greet us and let us know how much you missed us while away. Now, It's your turn. Go find your buddy LuLu and "Run it out". Have fun up there! Thank you for being an unconditional, loving friend. We will always love you with all of our hearts!

Dad, Mom, Karie and Alan.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. FAMKES UMLAUT, TAILOR MADE C.D. "Pongo-dog"
April 22, 1989 - April 15, 2004

My Pongo-dog. My rock. Where oh where did 15 years go, my handsome? I will keep your ski jacket by the door until it's our time to be together again. My little boy, I love you.

Pongo-dog was the best companion dog, and best companion, his daddy, Christopher, could ever have had. Woody misses his uncle-Pongo very much.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Ditto
August 29, 1991 - April 12, 2004

Our big, brown, goofy Moose Dog. We could not have asked for a better dog as our first Dalmatian. You were a true ambassador for the Dalmatian world. You taught us about love and enduring companionship. You taught us itís possible not to hold a grudge. You taught us that there is nothing more slippery than drool on the kitchen floor. But, most of all, you taught us about unconditional love. You were my constant, devoted compaion through some very difficult years. You may have tried our patience and our purse at times but you were always there, ready to share your love of us and the world around you with a passion and zeal that knew no end.

There is a huge hole in our hearts and you are sorely missed by both of us, and, most especially, Sneakers. So short was your time on Earth with us, yet there is no measure of how much you enriched our lives. You will always be the number one champion of our hearts. Our spotted angel in heaven watching over us.

Missing you more than we can ever put into words,
Stephen & Liz

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LUCY
dob 10/11/93, dco 2/25/04

Lucy was my first dog since I was a child, and the first dog to live inside with us and rule the roost. She was by my side every minute I was home. If I had a dizzy spell she was there beside me lying quietly. She had repair of the crucius ligament in both legs and recovered well but this time she had something happen and she became paralyzed in the front legs. We tried treatment but we could not let her suffer any longer and we held her while she crossed over and for sometime afterwards. I will always love her and miss her terribly. She was my good girl.

Lucy was much loved and will be greatly missed by Mommy and Daddy, Priscilla and Bob and Scooter and Jenny too, the cats. Someday we will be able to play with you again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ABBOTTS DIAMOND CHELSEA "Chelsea"
April 24,1991-Febuary 13,2004



cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes FIRESIDE DOTTED RAIN FORREST "Ellie Mae"
August 23, 1999 - January 10, 2004

Ellie was my beautiful baby girl!!! I thank her for being there for me and want her to know how very much she was loved by her mommy. She was life saver and will forever remain in my heart and soul.

Sleep in peace and be well till we meet again. I miss you terribly, Love mommy, Michele Bedsaul......

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes FIRECREEK'S TWILIGHT SYMPHONY "Sly"
November 30, 1989 - January 03, 2004

Sly was my best friend! He didn't have a title to brag about. He had more! He was the world's best couch potato. He could show you how to steal donuts and cookies in less than 2 seconds. Most importantly he could give you the love you needed when you needed him the most.

Sly you were well loved and will always be missed by Tricia, Jim, Drew, Alexis, and Alyssa. Run and play with the whole Firecreek gang. You give Mama Nikki, AJ and the whole Firecreek gang a big kiss for us until Sharon and I come to meet up with you all again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Missy"
11/17/91 - 12/11/03

Our little Missy Moo, the sweetest dog there ever was, also the one who got her way all of the time. Always had both of the babies, green beans for dinner, and most of the room on the couch or bed. Come back and show Alex that everythings OK. Have fun running jumping and playing ball. Love forever your Mommydog and Daddydog. We'll see you soon.

Dad, take care of Missy untill we get there. The other Dalmation that was there was Marty, a relative of Missy's and one of Dianna's dogs.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DOMINIQUE "DOM"
December 23, 1994 - December 3, 2003

To my never-ending best friend who never left my side. I will always be grateful for the time I had with you even though it was not long enough. May you be at peace with "Daddy".

Nancy Zatko, aka Mommy Steve Zatko, aka Daddy

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes GREEN STARR'S CHOCOLATE KISS 'Baci'
April 16,1990-November 8,2003

Donna Newman

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Topspots Herringbone Cashmere (Cashmere)
December 19, 1989 crossed the Rainbow Bridge Nov. 3, 2003.

She has returned home to her buddy Oreo and my own Dad who loved her so much. She can now be back with her Mom, Riskit. I love you and miss you so much, my beloved LADY!

Cindy Cramer

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ERIN'S GALLANT FRIEND, "Bailey"
June 21, 1993 - October 12, 2003

October 17th, 1993 to October 12th, 2003... not quite 10 years we got to spend together. It was much too short of a time.

Bailey, things will never be the same without you. You're foverever loved and missed! -Daddy, Mommy, Ben, Rachael, Buster, Binkey and Bucky.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DANCER
SEPTEMBER 3, 1991 TO OCTOBER 11, 2003

You came into our lifes with an untrusting heart. You learned to trust and you took over our heart. You trusted us until the end. We miss you, you'll always be us.

Gene & Candy

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DILLARD
12/??/91 - 10/04/03

Dillard was one of a kind. Dropped off at a shelter because of his deafness, I brought him home and he immediately became part of the family. He had a great love of cats & frequently liked to babysit any kitten he could find. Due to a supressed immune system, he wasn't able to shake the bacterial pneumonia that crept up on him and I couldn't let him suffer anymore.

Dillard was very loved and is missed everyday by Julie, his big dali brother Foley, and Jackpot - the cat Dillard adopted. My dad will watch over you and toss tennis balls until I see you again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Savannah
December 1990 - October 1,2003

Sweet Savannah, our spotty girl, her Daddy's toaster, our beautiful baby. You were a wonderful, sweet, joy and we can't believe you are gone. We are so thankful that we were able to spend more than 11 of your almost 13 years with you. We miss you terribly. You are in our hearts forever.

Savannah was loved so very much by her Mommy & Daddy, James & Amy.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Ritchie
DOB: About april or may of 2002 DCO: Sept 24, 2003
Ritchie was diagnosed with an untreatable Cancer adn put to sleep before he started suffering to bad.

We are so happy that Ritchies last couple of months were spent with us. We rescued him from the Dalmation Rescue, and gave him a very happy home. He truly lived an easy life with us, and loved our other two sons. He played from the time they came home from school, until we went to bed.

Ritchie is survived by us, his mommy and daddy, our cat Bobbi, our sons Jordan and Christopher (his brothers), and his Uncle Jay. WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIR SHERLOCK SPOTS, "Sherlock"
DOB 3/12/91 - DCO 9/18/03

You are my best friend and soulmate. You have the waggiest tail and the biggest spotted heart. I love you and I miss you!

I look forward to being greeted by you in the sky and seeing your smiling face again! I'll bring you lots of food and toys-- I promise!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CHESTER P. DRESSLAR "chet, chetty"
? - ?

Chester was with me through sobering up, bad divorce #2, a move out of the country to live alone for the first time in my life, and Hurricane Marilyn (St.Thomas, 9-95). He was my first and best Higher Power, sponsor, friend.

Joanne, Mark, Blackie, and Lizzie. (Blackie and Lizzie are already with Chester P.)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAME TESS OF IRVINGTON, "Tess"
May 4, 1990 - August 27, 2003

May she run in a field of Lilies until we meet again.

Dawn and Peggy

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SAVANAH BETH "bannie"," bannes"
2/7/97 - 8/16/03

You were my best friend and came into my life when I needed a special angel and you always will have wings. You made me smile when and get out of bed when I was ill for months you never left my side. I will never forget you, you were more than a puppy dog, you were my 3rd daughter.

Missed and loved more than the moon, sun and stars.
Mary Goding

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PROCTOR'S LADY MONTAGUE, UD
10/28/87 - 07/22/03

"Monty", "Misses Moo", "Peaches", "The Little Misses" and a few names I won't repeat here, the girl had a lot nick of names. A week ago I would have said we just might make it to her 16th birthday in October, but it wasn't meant to be. Things can change so fast.
She was my first Dal, my first obedience dog; she taught me so much, including patience and perseverance. She was the crankiest dog I ever loved, and I loved her very much. My heart hurts so much.
Monty earned DCA Obedience Top Spots quite a few times in her career, starting in Novice in 1991 through Open and Utility.

Each day is a gift, tomorrow may never come; hug your two-legged and four-legged families tonight.
Sleep softly Misses Moo, I'll love you forever.
Exercise finished. Good girl.
Becky Luft

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. ACORN BET IT ALL ON BELLE AIRE "Betts E"
June 15, 1994 - July 22, 2003

How much time do you need to say goodbye to a dog that has been with you for nine years? A dog that you were responsible for even before she was born? A dog that you planned for, dreamed for, hoped for, even before she was conceived? A dog that you breathed life into and held in the palm of your hand the moment she was born? A dog that gave you some of the greatest thrills in the showring that you could ever imagine? A dog in whose eyes you can see the special dog her father was, the special dog her mother was, and even the special dogs her grandparents were? And you can see each little trait she was given by each of them? A dog with so much courage and heart that she never uttered a sound even though her bones were being disintegrated and shattered by the ravages of disease?
A dog whose uniqueness will never come again?
How do you tell her she won't be coming home? That the disease she has will rob her of the pleasure of being the matriarch of the house, like her mother before her, and her mother before that? How do you make her understand that you must now make the hardest choice in the world, so she will have pain no more?
How do you make her know that you loved her that well?
Tonight I will have but a few minutes to tell her all I need to tell her and hope she understands in some way how much I will miss her - how much she has meant to my life - how much I will always love her.
I hope it will be long enough.

Love you always, my sweet Betts E.
Tina and all the Dals at Belle Aire

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PONDALS ZAX COLORED UP BLACK "zax"
March 2, 2002 Killed by car on July 16, 2003

Zax you were my best friend, my companion, my helper, my gaurdian, and everything in the world to me and the boys no one could ever take your place. I love you and miss you and the boys love you and miss you.

Zax was loved by all of us, Dawn Kilgore, Daniel Kilgore, CJ Short. I hope the angels never tire of throwing your balls my baby.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIR PENDLETON POOCH NUCHU "Pendleton"
Feburary 13, 1993 - July 7, 2003

Spots of wonder
Black and white
You gave me such
True Delight
In your whine and
In your Snort
And in your obstinate way
My wishes often
For you now
I miss you deeply
Timeless pal

Tiffany and Bo, his Aunt Lynn and Aunt Heidi & the many others who loved him.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CHOCOLATE DROP ''mollie ''
december 1, 1990 - july 1, 2003

Mollie was a kind and gentle dog to all that knew her.When she was younger she would play in the swimming pool,and catch the ball and enjoy her family. We will miss her, umntil we meet again.You will never be forgotten.

Mollie will be missed by Diane and Charles,so enjoy your new life on the other side of the bridge until we can cross over to be with you forever. Love Mommy And Daddy

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "JACK"
February 12, 1982-May 15, 2003

I never knew I could love an animal like I loved you. It was so hard to let you go, but I knew that to have you suffer was not love, and it would be selfish to do anything other than to let you go with dignity. You have profoundly touched my life, Jack, and you will NEVER be forgotten.

This is not goodbye. This is ìIíll be back.î Every time I speak your name, you will be with me. My prayer is that when you awake from this sleep for your next great adventure, you will continue to know that Jill and I love you very much, and we canít wait to see you againÖbecause we know youíll be waiting for us.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MASTER HAROLD SILLYDOTS OJUS "Harry"
March 3, 1990 - May 12, 2003

Flash of white
Dash of black
Eyes so blue
My baby Plum Pudding, I miss you so.

We'll be together again my baby - your mama Alex and your papa Steve

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALANNA'S MARK OF MONTAZH "Marty"
May 13, l995 - May 7, 2003

Marty, We miss you so much. I miss you laying on the davan in the evening with me and the way you used to get a mouth full of water and dump it in someone lap. You thought that was so much fun. Sweet dreams little boy until we meet again. Your mom and grandma miss you too.

You human mom, your four-legged mom and grandma will meet you at the bridge someday. Until then we love and miss you so much. Whenever it rains I think of you with the angels gettting a drink of water and dropping it on us here on earth.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes JUST PETE "pete, dude, dog"
October 6, 1994- April 27, 2003

You left us doing what you loved most; going fishing. You were always an accident waiting to happen. You lost a leg when you were a year old chasing birds and not watching where you were going. Only Dude could run into a plow; not have something run into him. You had back surgery when you ruptured a disc. And you loved going to the vet school in Ames because of all the girls there. You always had a way with the girls! Now you're someplace where you can run on all four legs and bob for fish and never have to give them back. Peace, Friend.

LOved and missed by Don, Patricia,Gina Carl and the Beasties that grew to love him(or at least tolerate him!) Nik, Tia Louise, Ted, Perry, Mike and Bella. Happy Fishing until we all meet again!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SWEETPEA "Sweeterpea"
September 26, 1996 - March 28, 2003

As a pup her face was covered with black spots, but immediately she had a "spot" in our hearts. She played, chased balls, watched rabbits, pushed rocks, ate & slept with us for far too short of time. I wish I could have those days again."..For soon it is gone & we pass away." Ps 90:10. She took her leave before the sun rose on a new day, but awakened in the arms of the One whose days will never end.

Have fun playing with Patches, Blacky & Grandmother. You will be greatly missed by Lynn, Dorothy, James & Caroline. Anne is by herself now, show us all we do not have to be sad, you probably have already found the perfect rock to play with.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Sir Domino of Burke Plat
2-01-90 -- 03-12-03

Domino was a very good friend, pet and family member. We shared a bond that con never be forgotten. For now the rooms are empty, and the chingling of his tags are silent but Domino is still a vision that we will forever enjoy remembering and will always be embraced.
We would like to thank him for all the years of joy that he as a family member had brought into our lives. There will always be a smile on our faces whenever we remember him for he was a very good boy and a pleasure to raise, teach and play with.
The way that he would show his worry when something didn't seem right and those handsome deep trusting eyes that he would use for his tools whether it would be to get something done, or an "I want a treat", a walk or to play or give and recieve a ton of love.
Those memories are and always will be disticnt and clear.
His age wore on him and he suffered a severe stroke in his sleep and was gifted to Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. He was a very tuff boy and he is gone for now but he will never be forgotten..
Thank You Domino.

Greg and Mary Scalissi

November 7,1990-March 11,2003

Hooch, the ultimate therapy dog. He spent 11 of his 12 1/2 years as a registered therapy dog, offering unconditional love to everyone he met. This is a dog who never once in his life ever barked at a person. Everyone was his friend.

Run and play with Tessie, untill we meet you there, Peggy, Doc and Katie.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DIXIE "Baby Girl"
2-30-2000 - 2-5-2002

Not here nearly long enough. Changed our lives when she came, changed it again when she left.

Loved and missed by Jeff, Jeffrey, Amy, and Silver. :( Luv U Dix!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Codie
DOB Aug/7/88. DCO Jan/13/03

Codie has gone to a better place. Althought I have lost my best & loyalist friend of almost 15 years, I will see him again. And yes Codie you can still sleep on the bed.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAPPER DAN'S GLOWING EMBER, "Ember dog"
May 19,1991-Dec.7,2002

As I write this I can hardly hold back the tears.Ember was my first and best dog.He was a loving and loyal companion.He never won any titles,but that was because we never tried.His title was our best buddy.I hope he knows just how much we loved him. To help him go to his rest was one of the saddest days of my life.

He was a good hunter,chicken and child herder and the best friend anyone could have.We took you everywhere a good firefighter would go on his days off.Pubs will never be the same.

We will be looking for you,Ember dog,when we find our rest.Have fun running with Poncho pony,Pepe dog and Tom cat.Be looking for Haley,the next best Dal in the world,as we will be sending her your way soon.Our hearts are breaking.Breanna keeps asking for you,by the way...

Love and special thoughts,Leslie,David,Bree,Gavan and Aiden.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes O'SHEA'S BURNIN' DOWN THE HOUSE "sweet's pete's"
6/15/2001 3:30AM - 12/2/2002 11:30AM

Pete was my first ever homebred Dal, one I had been waiting years for to do just the "right" breeding. Sweet's Pete's was just two points short of his AKC Championship and was a Specialty BOW, three Majors, multiple Specialty Sweeps Winner, all owner handled by me, Janet Langford Gray, we were quite the pair. Pete was named after my friend Pete Tennant-Williams of The Dalmatian Group in Reno, NV because they have the same "look" to their eyes and his AKC name was from a Talking Heads song.

Pete was much loved and adored by Janet, Shea, Virgil, Tai, mother Trixi, Charlotte and all his Dalmatian rescue buddies that passed through our home. Also missed by his father Jester and Godmother Katy in Nebraska.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BABY GIRL "sweetie"
October 24,2002 - November 10,2002

Baby Girl was only hear for a short time, but she touched our hearts in a special way, more than the rest of the pups. She was so tiny, but the first to bark for one of her brothers or sisters to play with her. I know my fellow fallen Fireman will watch over and play with her until my arrival.

Baby Girl is greatly missed by Ken, Karen, and Kourtney Schwake, and of course her parents, LUCKY and SUGAR. Rest well, we will have our chance to play for the first time someday.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PATCHES, "Patcher"
October 10, 1991 - October 7, 2002

You came from an abused home & became part of our volunteer fire dept by allowing your picture to be taken with children dressed up as firefighters. You collected more money for MDA then we did with our shinny badges & fire engines. When a little girl approached you & said, "I didn't know Dalmatians were real", I told her that you were very real, and you are still real in our hearts today.

Enjoy running in your new place & seeing Blacky & Grandma. Anne & Sweetpea are still looking for you, but we know where you have gone. Your loving nature will be missed by Lynn, Dorothy, James & Caroline. Goodbye Patcher

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LITTLE BELLE CHIMES ZIMMERMAN,"Little Belle",
May 21,1996 - October 5, 2002

Little Belle was or what seemed to be my life, what I lived for. She was such a protecter, as well as a fun pup. She was born when I was three, and she had to be put down, after biting someone(I'm sure there is some explanation)days ago, while I am 11. I'll miss her, I'll miss that face, those deep eyes...I'll never forget that priceless and timeless time when she fogged my glasses ging me kisses, and I look forward to seeing her again soon...

Belle was loved and will be missed by her mother Baby, my mom, my sister Willow, and most deeply by me...
Kaylin Zimmerman

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ZOEY
7/14/02 (Approximately) - 9/24/02

You're my angel baby,Baby Girl. Life was taken from you so fast, and so wrongly. You were mine for only 24 hours before the parvo you'd gotten in the shelter made you so awfully, terribly sick. I *believed* you would survive and go on to live the happy life you so deserved. But I was wrong. You were so small, so very tiny, so incredibly sweet, and, with your crystal blue eyes and perfect spots, the most beautiful puppy girl I'd ever seen, ever WILL see. Frolic happily at the Bridge little one. I thank God that I will see your darling sweet face again some day.

You will never be forgotten. With all my love always.... Your foster mom, Gail

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MALCUMS JUMPIN JACK FLASH C.D. "Jack"
Sept.05,1987 - Sept.15,2002

When you came to me from an awful situation, I wondered to myself what have I done? With lots of love,time and patience you won my heart and stayed with me for a wonderful 15 years. When competing in Nov.A for your C.D. You're old memories would sometimes haunt you, but you made thru them and you earned you're C.D. You were my second top spot finishing the #8 dal. Both you and Sparky are greatly missed. I know that Sparky, Duffy and Scooter were waiting for you at the bridge, to welcome you. Rest well my friend. I LOVE YOU.

Until we all meet again,

Jodene Wilhoit
Magic Acre Dals.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Cookie
May 17, 1989 - September 13, 2002

Cookie was a Shorthair Pointer cross, but she was a Dalmatian in looks and in spirit. A petite, polite little girl, and sharp as a tack, she loved to show off her spots. She loved her family with an almost fierce pride. She was never in a show, never won an award, but she was as wonderful and special as a dog could be.

Dennis, Dolores, Francine and Janie all miss you, Cookie. We know you'll be waiting for us when we come to meet you!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIR DOMINO ARTHUR CLAIBORNE "Domino"
1998-August 28, 2002

Domino, although he was only with us for about 2 1/2 years of his short life, he was brought many smiles, laughs and memories to his family. He will always be remembered as our marshmallow friend, while sitting at the bonfires he loved to eat roasted marshmallows. He will be Missed by Mommy (Dawn), Daddy (Mark), Buddy, and Cisco. As well as the many other family members whom loved him, like Grandma Pat and Big Bob. My spotted Bundle of Misfits will be missed a great deal. We love you Domino, and know that you are with all the brave Firefighters who perished from the 9-11 attacks keeping them company.

Domino was loved and is greatly missed By Dawn, Mark, Buddy and Cisco Claiborne, Bob and Pat Holmes. One day Domino we will be there with you again. Sleep Tight and keep them Fireman Company until we are with you again. We Love you and we think of you often. (Mommy misses you bunches)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes REO
Born-July 29, 1996 Died-August 1, 2002

My buddy boy, even though I knew you'd be gone one day, I wasn't prepared, you were taken from me much too soon. You meant more to me than words can ever say or anyone could ever know. You'll always be my boy. You be good for Mom and play nice with Mickey, I'll be along some day with rawhides and tennis balls. I love ya buddy.

I miss his wagging, wiry tail;
I miss his plaintive, pleading wail;
I miss his wistful, loving glance;
I miss his circling welcome-dance.


REO touched the hearts of so many people...even people he had never met. When REO got sick, people from all across the country stepped up and offered to help. I can't express how much that means to me. "Thank You" seems woefully insufficient, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

                         -REO's Dad

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BUDDY MOESCH , "BUD"
May 1,1987 - July 11,2002

Buddy was our best friend he made our home a warm place. He was always there for us through good and bad times. He live a long and good life. He loved to eat, go for walks, sleep on his couch, and just plain be with us.

Buddy was the best friend of George And Debbie Moesch. We know he is waiting for us to to walk with him again. We hold his memory forever. --submitted by George And Debbie Moesch

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Dalstar's SS Traveller "Lucky"
12/15/92 - 6/12/02

This is so hard to say Good by Bubbers. You were a large part of our family and you will be deeply missed. I cherished beyond words or belief. You enjoyed by-bying and were on your way to Pennsylvania with Gram and Gramps to take your Auntie Omie home. But your seizures were just too hard on your precious body. I am so sorry Baby. I wish that I could take then away.You won't have them anymore and your blind eyes will now see. No more fear or uncertainty.

Lacey, Daddy Jordan, and Great Grandma and Grandpa will be waiting for you. You won't be lonely. Bubby, I hope to see you soon. I love you and miss you. I will miss your contented groans and grumbles as you snuggle into my lap and will miss the way you nibbled my nose and then gave a gentle kiss to let me know that you loved me. - Tom and Lee Holbrook

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALTON
May 25, 1993 - June 3, 2002

DALTON will always be remembered and missed by his family. Dalton traveled to Austin, Texas as a young puppy where he lived the remainder of his life. Dalton enjoyed swimming, fishing trips, golfing and most of all ice cream.

A loyal friend, companion, and a member of our family

--Atkins Family

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ROSEBROOKS BROWN VELVET, "Dalton"
May 25, 1993 - June 3, 2002

Dalton was a wonderful and gentle soul who was taken from his loving family way too soon. He will be greatly missed.

Till we meet again over the bridge, good boy- Nancy, Tom, Venus(mom), Gemini(sis) and ResQ(bro).

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Valentine Nose Liberty "Miss Liberty" "Libby"
March 2, 1990 - May 1, 2002

Libby was a beautiful and loving friend who has been with me through thick and thin, and was always there for anyone in the family. I'll miss having her always at my feet, and will probably still forget and signal other dogs with hand signals (she was deaf and had seizures). I loved and will miss how you smiled and gave me complete "body wags" when you met me at the door.

Miss Libbs, you were my first and special dalgal! We'll miss you always, and I'll keep your collar on my desk. You'll be fine. Love you and miss you. Lisa, Terry, and Logan.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DISETTE - Disee
Aug.1989 - April 2002

My Angel in a spotted coat. I had a good long time with you, your smiles I still see when I close my eyes. You were sent to be my best friend and comfort for thirteen years and when your mission was complete and you saw I was finally happy you left me in good hands and scampered over the rainbow bridge.

Mom and Dad miss you so much and will always love you. Zabian your best friend and Cubby your cat miss you as now the Incredible Journey is not complete. Play hard but don`t forget to look for us crossing the bridge so we can all be together again in the wonderful afterlife.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Anna Belle Patterson
DOB:? 1999 DCO:4-14-02

Anna was a wonderful rescue dal who never made it to her forever home but she made the days a little brighter here. I will miss her and never forget how brave she was to come live with all of us. Anna would have made anyone a great dal, she was friendly, beautiful and full of that cuddley love that we all need. Her favorite thing was just to lay on the couch and be near me.

Anna Belle will be missed by Mike and Tammie Patterson/Dalsavers of West TN.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Penny Lane
February 1, 1997 - April 10, 2002

The love and happiness you brought us will never be forgotten. I so very much miss your beautiful look and wonderful friendship, your unmatched loyalty and even your bark. A premature death may have silenced you to the senses, but you will live forever in our hearts.

Loved and greatly missed by Glenn, Annie, and Anthony.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. AMERA'S TAIL FROM THE DARKSIDE, CGC lovingly known as "Caruso"
June 13, 1991 - April 7, 2002

Caruso passed at home before I could take him to the vet. I wrote some words down, they may not make any sense but it's how I feel.

My Heart Hurts
as I sit here with you in your final hours, your eyes meeting mine
My Heart Hurts
as you drink from your spray bottle as you did when you were young
and healthy in your show career, but now only drinking to gain some
of the small nourishment I placed inside
My Heart Hurts
even though I know that what I must do will give you the peace you deserve
I thank you for your love
I thank you for your devotion
I thank you for the joy you brought me in your short 10 years and 10 months
and I thank you for the songs you gave me, so soulful and from the heart
I will miss you my dear friend and because you must leave me now,
My Heart Hurts

Caruso was my, Marie Fiore's, first Champion not only in show terms but in my heart. Play with your Mom Jade and know that I will come to get you both with cookies in hand.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CINDYLOU (Babygirl)
July 2, 1991-March 24, 2002

I am going to miss you smiling at me when I came home. I will always love you, Thank you for giving so much love to the family. Good bye my babygirl.

Louie, Steven, Brewster, and me will see you someday again over the rainbow. Take care til then.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PEARL
September 23, 1988 - February 18, 2002

You had a perfect life- so much people and dog love for you, running in the woods every day, sunshine on the couch, and of course your favorite- food! There is mayhem at the Rainbow Bridge now that you're back with your sister Daisy again. At 13 1/2 it was time to go but that doesn't mean we don't miss you with all our heart, sweet little Pearl.

Loved forever by Lauren & Dan Emery & chocolate spotted Chili dog.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Shasta XII "Lacey"
7/25/93 - 10/25/01

Lacey, my love, I am finally able to deal with your passing, so this comes a little late. I lost you all too soon andtoo unexpectadly. I love you and miss you deeply. You are in my thoughts and heart everyday. I miss your silly Dally grin and your goofy antics. I miss watching you swim across the river just to startle a duck or too make me panic. You made me appreciate life and take it one day at a time. Thank you.

As you cross the bridge, my love, you will be meeting Jordan and great grandma and great grandpa. They are there waiting for you. Your Lucky will be there waiting too. I can see you 2 romping thru the clouds together. Honey, we lost your Bubby early this morning to his Epilepsy. He was in Wyoming camping with Gram and Gramps. We love you and can't wait to see you again. Rest well love. -Tom and Lee Holbrook

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Annabelle
Unknown - October 20,2001

You were so small, though your heart was so big.
You were so loving, though you had not been loved.
You were so brave, though you had been through so much.
You were so beautiful, though you had never been cared for.
You were so gentle, though you had never known gentleness.
You were so trusting, though you never had a reason to trust.
You were so giving, though you had been given nothing.
You were so happy, though you had never had happiness before.
You were so forgiving, though it was not deserved.
You left a hole in our hearts, though there will be others like you who will need us.
We will do our best to help them as we did you though you are no longer here you will know and it will honor you.
Thank you, Annabelle for passing through our lives, we miss you.

Enjoy your time at the bridge with our other loved ones who have gone before. Angie and Steve will greet you at the bridge.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Ambacromby"
Jan. 1990 - Oct. 18, 2001

Ambacromby was a very loyal and devoted dog. We loved him with all of our hearts and now our hearts are broken. We miss his "smile" and think of him every day. He will be forever in our hearts.

I know you will be patiently watching for us and when Wilma and Rachel cross over the bridge you will be so happy to see us. We will see your smiling face and wagging tail and nothing will seperate us again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Maggie
June 6, 1990 - October 11, 2001

Thank-you, Maggie, for being my True Friend and teaching me the meaning of Unconditional Love. Thank-you for sharing with me your unlimited capacity for Joy. You made me a better person. I am forever changed for having had you in my life.
Today, my Heart is broken and I am filled with Pain. But someday, my heart will Rejoice, knowing that I was Blessed to have shared my life with such a Beloved Friend.

I miss you, SweetPea!! Please keep my spot warm in Heaven--I'll be looking for you!
Love, Mom

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MIA-N-MAI SHADOW "Xiu-Xiu"
6-18-97 to 10-9-01

Shad was such a sweet girl. She went between your legs like a cat, would want to smell your breath just to make sure she wasn't missing anything. When we would come home from work she would sit with her eyes squinted so we would think she had just woke up. She zoomed the counters whenever she could, but what I miss most is just walking in the house and knowing she isn't here to greet me. And that makes my heart sad. She died from copper storage disease after only 10 months of the onset.

Someday we will meet again when you will see us with squinted eyes ready to go between my legs and run out the door to play with your soccer ball. But until that time Dodi and I will have sad hearts because we miss you.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SHEBAH MALKA DUBROVNIK "Shebah"
September 11, 1987 - September 29, 2001

There are no words to describe how much we miss our Shebah. She was every bit Dal--sweet, a ball of energy, protector, and the most loyal friend. We may not hear her anymore, we may not have white hairs all over the place anymore, we may not go on those long, long walks anymore, but Shebah is still here. Like her monument says, she will be in our hearts forever. And we will all be together again one day, Shebah.....see you over the bridge. We love you very much.

Mama, Daddy, Simone, Elijah and Spunky.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AFRICAN STAR "Lucky Meadows"
July/25/1995 - September/22/2001

Lucky was a special boy. He came to us in June of 1999. He had been tuned to the local pound by his owners 6 months earlier. He'd been neglected and mistreated. He had no trust. We took him home to foster. But he had so much love to give and learned to be a snuggle bun, giving kisses freely and being happy to be alive. He lived to eat! We fell in love and kept him for our own. We will miss him terribly.

Lucky was cherished by Marie, Dotty, Patches and Randy. There is a hole in our lives without you. But now, you are with Dudley-the brother you never knew. We'll see you again my love. I hope you can forgive me my precious boy.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CALIFORNIA'S COUNTESS COCO "Coco"
February 26, 1988 to September 14, 2001 AND HER SISTER PRINCESS TUNSIA, STAR OF THE DESERT "Tuni" March 19, 1988 to September 14, 2001

Until you know a Dalmation first-hand, you will never know your inner child, your free spirit or your zest for life. Coco and Tuni were our "girls", forever in life till the end. They make us laugh, they make us cry; they made us run and jump for joy. Most of all they make us live our lives to the fullest, every day, and we look forward to reuniting with them at the rainbow bridge. Girls run free...

Connie and Jim Olson together with all the extended family, each with one of those treasured "cookies" in hand.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LORD MAXWELL'S LITTLE LADY "Lady"
2/07/98 - 8/28/01

My dear, sweet Sunshine, Ladybug, Trudy Girl, Grumpy Gert....and so many other names - but forever my Sunshine. Never would I dream one could capture my heart like you did. You were taken from me way too soon but I know you are waiting for our reunion as anxiously as I am. Maxwell misses you....but he still remembers his girl. You touched so many, dear Trudy Girl.

Dad, Jason, and Jenny all miss you, too. Our day will come, sweet girl. And thank you SOOOOO much for leading us to Miss Molly. You know how much she has helped mommy heal.

Forever loving my Sunshine - Mom

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes KELSIE ELIZABETH DUBOIS (Kelsie)
December 7, 1991 - August 21, 2001

Kelsie was the dalmatian I had dreamed of my entire life. She was my first "baby" and I always considered her my first "child". She was more human than dog. I still consider our loveseat her seat.

Kelsie is missed terribly by Laura, Dan, Clayton, Cassidy and Colin Read and we will always love her very much. Take care of Opus for us!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Coach
February 28, 1991 - August 17, 2001

Coach - My little "Mommie's boy". We all miss you so much. We still look for your "skull and crossbones" face at the window. You were completely spoiled and loved every minute of it!

We hope you're having fun running at the beach until we meet you there.
Mom, Dad and Evan

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes TEA FOR TWO TILLY
Birthdate unknown-August 13, 2001.

Tilly, you came into our lives unbidden and almost unseen. Your eyes told a sad tale, but also were filled to the brim with trusting love. You appreciated a kind word, a loving caress....attention that told you that you were valued. You were valued, Tilly, even if only for a few days. May we meet again at the Bridge someday.

Donna, Walker, Dosi & Lola Dosido Farm - Remlap, Alabama

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. Dalstar's Heir Jordan "jordy"
10/15/92 to 08/06/01.

Jordy was a much loved member of our family. He brought a lot of love to "HIS" boy, Jonathan. We will always remember Jordy for his sense of humor. He loved running thru the house "stealing" stuffed animals and Barbies from his little human sisters Brittani and Tori.

Jordan will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. Where he is at, he will have no more seizures or medicines to take. Until we meet again, Sweet Boy. Mom Lee, Dad Tom and your kids Jonathan, Brittani, Tori, and all of your puppies especially your son Dalstar's SS Traveler "lucky" will see you again with your favorite stuffed bunny.
Submitted by: Lee Holbrook

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Joey
6/11/01 - 7/07/01.

Our little Joey, so cute, and so playful. He always had his tongue out. And he loved to pull on his brother's and sister's ears. He was just starting out on this, what would have been a great life. But it was cut short. They must need little Dal Guardian Angels badly to have needed such a young soul. But he will be one of the cutest.

He fought hard to stay here with us, but we think that his bother's finally called him over. He went to go play with Siren and Piper. And when he left he took our hearts. We will come for you, and get our hearts back, our little boy. But until then, go chew on your bother's ears, play, eat and sleep well.

He will be missed by his mom, bothers and sisters, his Foster Parents, (Chad and Diana), and all of us at SpottedPaw.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Piper
6/11/01 - 6/29/01.

He was the little boy that we always worried about. And on a Friday after being held by his "grandma" he went to join his bother Siren at the bridge. They will make the cutest Guadian Angels for the rest of the Dals here with us.

His Bother Siren was waiting for him, and they will wait for us. But until then, our little boys, play and be puppies.

He is loved and missed by his mom, litter mates, and the foster parents that tried so hard to save him, Chad and Diana. We all know that you did all that you could and more; and so does he.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Siren
6/11/01 - 6/26/01.

Siren's life was to short. Although his life started out rough he got to know that not all humans are uncaring. He, along with his eight brothers and sisters were born under a house, before their mom could be rescued. He was just to little, but he did not cross the bridge alone. His foster parents tried so very hard to save him and were there by his side. Although he is no longer here with us, he was still saved.

He will be missed by his mom, brothers, and sisters, his foster parents, Chad and Diana, and everyone at SpottedPaw. We love you, and will always remember you. Wait for us at the bridge, we'll come and get you soon.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MINNIE of CEDAR COVE, "Minnie"
January 7, 1994 - June 23, 2001.

Minnie was the most wonderful, perfect dog. She was deeply loved and her memory will never fade. We miss her so much.

Minnie was greatly loved by Jackie W. and Nancy S. Sleep well until we can be together again. You are in our hearts forever.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. LANDS END MAGYPSNIE VIITH RISK "Riskit"
- 5/5/85 - 5/31/01.

She was Topspot's first champion and a once in a lifetime dal. She was the mascot for the Richlandtown Fire Company. She may be gone but never forgotten!

Riskit was loved and is greatly missed by Darlene, Curt, Kelly & Eric Hinkle. May you be in peace and we'll meet down the road again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes WILLIE B. (as in "will he be adopted?")
- unknown birthdate - 5/29/01.

I would have paid anything to give you your sight and make you unafraid of this world that you could neither see nor understand. I let you go in peace to run and play where you can see the grass you roll in and not bump into everything when you run, where noises have a purpose other than to frighten you, and where you will never be without a hug. Live in fear no more and play nice with Buddy and Sammy too!

Miss you very much. Till someday...

Debbie Rickel

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Daisy
- September 23, 1988 - May 18, 2001.

Leader of the pack, rabble rouser, mischief maker, finder of lost toys, nurse, psychologist. Could anyone love life more than her. She ran a million miles with her littermate Pearl, licked a million pots, gave us a zillion kisses and tons of love. Hers was truly a charmed life.

Loved forever by Lauren and Dan Emery.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DEBORAH'S PRECIOUS PRINCESS "Princess"
- January 17, 1993 - May 14, 2001.

I was only eight when I came home from school to find Princess waiting for me in the driveway as she did every day of her life thereafter. She was the most beautiful dog in the world, and life without her just hasn't been the same. She was my best friend and I know she is waiting for me up above, just like all those days before.

Princess will always be remembered and missed by the family that loved her dearly. May she always run free and happy, with a healthy heart and playful spirit.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Mindy" (sometimes fondly called Mindy Moose)
- DOB uncertain, probably 1992 - 4/24/01.

Things Mindy taught me:

Don't let anything get you down, be wide-open all the time.
Save (and bury in the couch if possible) all your best chew-toys.
Never let a fence hold you but always come back when Mom pulls up in the van.
See how many friends you can make.
Memorize the way to your crate.
Eat fast and furiously.
Sleep as close as possible to your best friend, resting your head on her leg.
March to the beat of a different drummer and let everyone be amazed at your attitude.
Be happy every single moment that you live, and always smile.

I called Mindy my rescue dog because I took her out of a shelter, treated her for heartworms, tried a couple of times to place her with others (they didn't understand what she was trying to teach them, so she always came back to live with me) - but the truth is, I didn't rescue her - she rescued me! I will always be grateful for having known her and I look forward to the day I see her at the Rainbow Bridge, although I know she won't be standing still!!!
I miss her. Tina Thomas, Belle Aire Dalmatians

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. COUNTRYROAD CARMEN MIRANDA "Carms"
- August 6, 1986 to April 12, 2001.

Carms, you will live forever in our hearts. I have never loved and been as loved until you came into my life. I love you.

Valerie Guenther -- "Mom"

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes JUMPSHOT
- June 1995 To April 10th 2001.

Jumpshot was a pet shop Dal; sold with no papers. For my son & myself, Jumpshop was the most perfect Dal in the world. Our time together as a family was short but filled with special memories. I will never forget those big beautiful brown eyes when you put your head in my lap or look at me after you have done something wrong.

Jumpshot you are missed by Sharmane, Sjonte, Glady, Amanda, Damen and the whole neighborhood. You will always be our first Dal love.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Bingo
- Unknown to 3/31/01.

Dear God - Bingo a little girl Dalmatian with epilepsy is now in your loving care. We pray that you make her well again as only you can do and keep her safe till the ones that love her can hold her again. Gee I almost forgot she likes to play ball, go for walks, knows a few tricks, is great with pets and children too.

God saw you getting tired
When a cure was not to be
So He closed His arms around you
And whispered, "Come to Me."
You didn't deserve what you went through
and so He gave you rest,
God's garden must be beautiful
He only takes the best.
And when we saw you sleeping
So peaceful and free from pain,
We could not wish you back
To suffer that again.

author unknown

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MAISIE MAE
- December 19, 1988 - March 10, 2001.

We rescued you when you were 1 year old. You brought much joy into our home and our lives. We will miss you saying "I Love You", your hugs and your joy in going for a walk. You had eplipsey...but we lived with that. I remember wanting to call 911 when you had your first attack! May you rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge. Love you forever Maisie!

Maisie was greatly loved by Sharon, Mike, Kristen, David, Susie, Ellie and of course, your buddy, Houston. Sleep well until we all come to greet you with treats and big hugs.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Masey
- Nov 1999- Feb 11,2001.

Masey was a true friend to all our family,neighbors and all other animals around. She is missed dearly by Molly her friend since a puppy.Masey could make you smile when she gave you her big SMILE. She was proud of winning Most spots at the childrens Dog Show with her human friend Katie.

Masey you are loved dearly and will be missed until we all come and see you SMILE again. We Love you, Katie ,Becky, Cathy, Kristen, Allen, Carol, Molly & Alley.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes RAMBLER'S LOOSE CHANGE, "L.C."
- May 15, 1988 - February, 26, 2001 .

I had waited 33 years to be able to have a house and get my first dog and she was worth the wait. We got L.C. within a month of moving in and even after the addition of two children, a second dog and a chatty bird, she remained our grand spotted lady. Distinctive with one blue and one brown eye, she touched many and smiled at a select few. She fought a brave battle with cancer and I hope she is now laying peacefully in the sun and having all the goodies she wants.

L.C. was loved and is greatly missed by Jan and Dave (her mommy and daddy), Abby, Emily, and Lady (her canine companion).

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. KAREFREES CHECKERED FLAG "Indy"
- 5-11-85 - 12-11-00 .



cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Milo
- September 23,1999 - December 3,2000 .

Milo, though frail and afraid, overcame all fears and helped his brother trust me. He made you laugh and helped you cry, always willing to please and bring a smile to your face with all his little things. Please look down to Otis with guidance and help him to overcome fear. I love You.

Milo was my little baby that I loved. He will be missed by Michelle, Alba, Alexis, his brother Otis, Patrick, Kendrick, Robert and Jockamo. No one will ever replace you in our hearts, though in a better place, we will always remember you until we meet again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALSTARS MGR'S SPOTTED SHADOW C.D. "Sparky"
- November 26,1987-November 16, 2000.

Sparky was a great pet and showdog. He loved to be in the ring performing. His cat Sandy, as with all the other dogs and cats he shared his home with, will miss him greatly. With his passing he leaves me broken hearted. Sparky was loved by many people, and he gave his love back whenever he saw a friend. He was my first Dal, my first C.D. My first "Top Spot" Sparky will be greatly missed by all. Until we meet at the bridge, rest well Sparky. I LOVE YOU.

Jodene and the Dals and Cats of Magic Acres.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes W. C. Abicrombie "Abby"
- Sept 17,1985 to November 14, 2000.

He was rescued from the Humane Society at 11 1/2 years old. He had a good almost 4 years with our family. We loved him, I think he loved us! He will always be young.

Ed and Libby Simendinger.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LIBBY'S FIREPLACE POPCORN, UDTX, CGC, TDI "Popcorn"
- November 17, 1986 - October 24, 2000.

She was the best tracking dog and my first performance dog. A special bond was formed. She leaves a hole in our hearts!

She will be missed by Libby and Ed Simendinger. She is Daddy's girl who jumped out of the Open Ring gating to say hi to her dad and jump back in to finish her exercise.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Whitley Victoria "Whit"
- January 5,1993-October 19,2000.

Whit was my baby, from the day that I first laid eyes on her at 4 weeks. She lived,and slept by my side. She was my best friend, always ready for cookies, and snuggles. Kidney disease took her from me much too soon.

God willing, she'll be waiting for me when it's my time. I love you, honeybun, and I always will. Laurie Grady.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Sambuca aka ì99î
- 1/24/97 - 10/10/2000.

To my ìbabyî, from the moment we spotted you from the window, we were in love with you. I miss everything about you. Im sorry you were so sick and suffered for so long. I tried my hardest to take care of you, and im sorry about all the candy. I know you werenít happy when I took you to your other home, I know now that you really werent happy there. I hope you didnít think I didnít love you anymore. Iíll never forget the look you gave me at the vets when everyone else abandoned you, caged with the sign, but when you saw me your eyes lit up and danced like diamonds, knowing I came to ìrescueî you, even though I knew it was the last time we would be together.

I miss kissing and hugging you. I miss your unconditional love. But mostly, I miss our quiet times together of having tea; itís just not the same without you. I miss hearing and yearn to hear you ëdeflateî sleeping next to me when we went to bed, you always got the last word in. Thanks for always being there for me with those sad eyes and kisses and listening to me cry. Peter misses you very much and talks about you all the time. Till we see each other again, love your mommy.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH HEEGEE'S DIAMOND IN THE RUFF. "Diamond"
- September 15, 1996 - September 9, 2000.

Diamond crossed the Bridge much too soon. He was a great show dog with much potential, but more than that he was a dog that loved everybody and anyone who met him couldn't help but loving him.

Diamond will be much missed by his loving owner and breeder Geri Rosen, his mom Jenny (CH Heegee's Classic Reflection) and his half-sister Misty (Ch Heegee's Just One More Time) Diamond, until we meet again, there will always be a special place for you in my heart.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Harmony
- June 4, 1986-September 5, 2000.

Harmony was my first Dal and I was her slave. She was smarter than I and enjoyed making me feel foolish. She was a world class thief and a happy camper. She had beautiful light blue eyes and a good sense of humor.

Harmony will be greatly missed by Rita and Prince Alan. Keep an eye on us until we meet again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CANIS MACULOSIS "Lucky McCall"
- May 25,1988 - Aug 31, 2000.

Lucky McCall, My little boy. Always ready to greet you at the door with a "grin" on his little face.

"See you at the rainbow bridge some day." Love, Your Mom, Susan McCall

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIR WALLY WALTERS, "wally"
April 1, 1992 - August 21, 2000

My best friend. I still think of you often and still shed a tear...but with a smile knowing that now you are well and no longer in pain.

Soozi's WallyDog....someday we will be together again

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DOMINO EIGHT BALL "Dommie"
- 9-21-90 to 8-30-00

Our hearts ar broken after losing our Beloved Dommie. Your spirit will remain with us forever. Daddy lost his yard helper and I lost my tennis ball partner. Bentley was there to meet you at the Bridge, stay close to him.

Sleep well my boy until we meet again. Lovingly, Nancy & Joe Pietras (mommy & daddy)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes INT/AM/MEX CH RASHAR'S INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU "Fred"
- January 8, 1988 - August 25, 2000

An International Best in Show Winner with the disposition of a true crusader. Fred was the most gentle, forgiving, amiable Dalmatians we have ever to meet. He loved to "frog" out on the grass and lay for hours in the sun.

Fred as gone to be with "grandma" once again. He is missed by Randy and Sharon Thomsen of RaShar Dalmatians, but especially Elvis, his yard mate.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Ladybug
- 3/19/95 - 8/24/00

At age 8 months she claimed the spot at the foot of my bed and slept there for the next 4 1/2 years. She was deaf and she had epilepsy, but she had a heart full of love and a zest for life till the very end. She was my first Dal, my forever dog.

Sadly missed by Gay Williams.
"I'll see you again someday, with open arms I'll walk your way.
You'll be there at heaven's gate, and once again we'll embrace.
Oh, I'll see you again someday."

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes WILLOWOOD'S PAISLEY AMERA, AM/CAN CD "Jade"
- March 28, 1986 - August 24, 2000

She was my old girl, my watchdal, my friend and Caruso's mom. She earned both her obedience titles at age 9 and 9 1/2 in three straight tries with a High in trial at the Canadian National and a second place in the US. She came to live with us at the age of 6. Jade was a quick learner, even picked up the art of counter cruising from her son.

Jade filled my heart and now there is an empty space there. She is sorely missed by Marie A Fiore and her son Caruso and stepson Emmet. Take care of yourself my sweet old lady and remember to have some fun till we come to get you.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes REMINISCE DOC HOLIDAY "Doc"
- February 14, 1998 - August 17, 2000

Doc was a wonderful funny boy that brought a lot of joy to his family. We all miss him; playmate, friend, confidante and sympathizer. You are missed!!

Doc was loved by many but his immediate family is Dan, Jennifer, Christian, Caleb, Kiernan, Nick and Chance.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BELLE AIRE'S HEART OF HIDEAWAY "Lov E"
- Nov. 25, 1996 - Aug. 2, 2000.

It wasn't the lenght of time that she stayed,
It wasn't the silly way that she played,
It wasn't her pleading to stay inside
When it rained so she could stay nice and dry.
When people say, "Oh you have so many
One less Dal will still leave you plenty"
Its a sure bet that they didn't know
How she captured my heart - how I loved her so
The decision was hard indeed to make
But to spare her suffering her life I did take.
Now she plays with Dal angels all day long
She crossed the Bridge and took all my love.

Tina Thomas and all the Dals of Belle Aire

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SHANE'S DALMATIAN WALLY "Walls"
- July 4, 1996 - July 31, 2000

Walls, I miss your talk, your boneless way of dropping when you were tired, your big sighs before sleep, playing basketball and a thousand other things. Robin (cocker) to your Batman is lost without you; even the squirrels have gone away. I know you wait for me. Remember "You have filled my heart with love" Psalm 4:7

Margie, Shane, Marty & Freckles ....our hearts ache.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DUKE "DUKEIE"
- APRIL 14, 1995 - JULY 18,2000

Duke was a special friend to me. He was always there to meet me and never left my side. He watched me eat and always slept next to me. As the end was getting near, I slept next to him on the floor just to let him know how much I loved him. God keep you, my friend. I will miss you. Thank you Duke for being my best friend.

Duke was always getting into things with the family and his little adopted brother Sammi. I think Sammi will miss him the most because Duke was his playmate and partner in crime. Dals being Dals.

Dukie.. you are much loved and greatly missed, old friend. Big hugs and rubbing the belly !! You loved that!! Rob(Dad),Rose(Mom), Robbie, Charles, and Frannie Wasiewicz (your adopted family)
sleep well.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes HAYLEY MARIE "Hayley"
- 11-24-91 - 6-17-00

Hayley was my spoiled little girl and best friend. She was a good watchdog, companion, and loved company. She would chase her tail, loved french bread, and go for walks. She was cooperative and always tried to please me. She was a fighter to the end.

Peter Christman will greatly miss Hayley. I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge with your tail a wagging and a big kiss.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SUGARPLUM SPARKLES, "Sugie, Plummie"
- May 30, 1988- June 6, 2000

We mostly called her Plummie, and she was the best friend I ever had. She loved to swim for a stick, and she would "dip her buttons" in any puddle of water she could find. She played a game where she would snap at your nose, and then lick your face when you jokes! One of her puppies taught fire safety with a fireman to children.

Plummie, you know that I always loved you, and I always will. We will eat cold cereal together and go for a swim again some day. In the meantime, have fun, and share your stick with Sparky. Remember there are no fireworks in Heaven. Kisses on your head, Reva and Beryl and even the kitties...

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AM/CAN CH. LONG LAST PERFECT FOR PAISLEY,CD "Robert"
- May 14,l988 - May 18,2000

Robert was everything a dog should be and it was an honor to share my home with him. In addition to his success in the show ring ring, the obedience ring and particularly as a stud dog, he was a wonderful companion. Always a gentleman, dignified and patient. Rob loved everyone, especially children, and considered all people to be his personal friends. We called him the Watch Dog, because he always knew when we were expecting company,and stood at the gate, watching and waiting for his friends to arrive. Good Bye, my friend. No dog has ever been more loved and cherished.

Sadly missed by,Sue, Jess and Ron,Morris, Sid, Coral and Isabel.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MADURHASON's STUDENT PRINCE, "Z"
- July 21, 1991 - May 6, 2000

"Z" was a sweet and gentle Dal who never met a stranger...everyone that met him fell totally in love with his stunning personality. Through the many health problems he faced, he never lost that sweet disposition. From the showring, to the classrooms of children, his presence will be long remembered. He will always be a champion in our hearts. (Angels beware--your socks are no longer safe!)

"Z" was very much loved and has left a huge hole in our hearts. He may be gone, but never forgotten. Tom, Nancy, Venus, Gemini and ResQ Welsch.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DOMINOE
- Feb 1996 - April 1998

Dominoe was our first Dal... he was very large and clumsy, but always loving and very caring... we had him such a short time, but he was loved as if he had been around forever.

We will never forget him, he will always be in our hearts...

The Heywoods

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SQUIRE ABNER DOUBLEDAY "Abbey"
- May 5,1991-April 22,2000

My Spotted Wonder,How you will be missed.Always had that dalmatian smile,and knocked things over with that dalmatian tail.A constant companion,who loved his food,balls,and just being near you.Just had to have at least some part of him touching you.

Abbey Had a special "spot" in the hearts of Vickie,Don,&Mcgwire Squires.The love of our lives. We miss you and will bring you a treat when we all meet up again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PAISLEY PROBABLY SHOULDN'T "Simon"
- August 31, 1999 - April 4, 2000

An awesome pup, bright and beautiful, with a face that could melt your heart. Simon fit in so quickly we almost wondered if he had lived here in a previous life . . . A pup whose name says it all - we probably shouldn't have kept him, but we're so very glad we did, even if he could only stay for a short while. This time.

Loved and missed by Sue, Jess and Ron, who won't be surprised if Simon's spirit shows up again some day in another special pup.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Duey
- DOB unknown - DCO 3/11/00

Duey came to me with his brother, Huey. Both lit up my life and made me fall in love with them in the two short months I fostered them. He was a handsome joyful boy who loved to cuddle, loved to play with his brother, and had a big smile and a stubborn streak.

I will miss Duey forever. His loving and playful personality left a lasting effect on me. He was my sweetest biscuit boy! Huey and I will miss you, Duey.  --Britt Trisler.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CAPTAIN PATCH'S SPARKS FLY "Sparky"
- December 22, 1986- February 24, 2000

Sparky was always Too Happy! A big smiley boy who was always "game" to do anything fun. He could always make you laugh through your tears, forget your troubles and get up and go for a walk. He survived Parvo when young, and lived to be an old grandfather Dal...

Beryl and Reva already miss his happy bark greeting us when we come home, and the games of Sparky in the Bag that he played with our kids growing up. He was a daddy dog only one time because he learned to open doorknobs. He made friends with every dog he ever met, but saved our daughter from a burglar. Goodbye Boy , We love you still.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MOON'S COMET WILD-TWO, CDX TD "Snoopy"
- July 24, 1986 - January 23, 2000

My first Dal - one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever known. Snoopy lived life in the fast lane! He loved his frisbees and balls and was always getting into some kind of trouble. The first one to greet me when I came home - I miss you, Snoop. Sleep well, my sweet boy.

Deeply missed by Gayle & Ray.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DALSTARS ROYAL AVIATOR "Dakota"
- May 14, 1997 - January 23, 2000

I wish I had known you better. You left me at seven weeks of age to go to your Co-breeder's home before going to your new home. You went to rescue two and a half years later. Before I could get you back to a loving home you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. You were a very happy puppy.

No one will ever hurt you again. You now have peace, love and good health. You will be missed by your mom Princess, your siblings and most of all by me. Go in peace now baby boy. Dakota along with Baron will meet Claudia at the Rainbow Bridge.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Checkers"
- 1986 to January 22, 2000

My big beautiful boy...I found you in the pound and neither of us could understand how you got there. You were smart, strong, obedient, loving, and excellent at whatever you did including ski-joring, backpacking, and even as first mate in the sailboat. You merited your own personal couch (since you wouldn't stay off mine!)

I miss you my faithful friend and cherished companion. Enjoy your nap in the sunshine. I look forward to your tail wagging 'hello!' when meet again over the bridge. Your master and your friend, Jim Brewer.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes "Roxy"
- January 15, 1987 - December 29, 1999

My darling, Roxy, was the best friend I have ever had or wanted. The love she gave me was unequaled. She ran my life for nearly 13 years and I wouldn't have it any other way. I miss my baby terribly and look forward to the day we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. What a joy that will be !!

Roxy was loved so very much by her Daddy (Richard P. Tevlin). Wait for me at the Bridge my baby, it won't be long !!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PIC-A-DILLY'S PEACHES AND CREAM CD "Peaches"
- April 27, 1986-Dec. 29, 1999

Peaches was so loving and never met a stranger. She loved everyone and they loved her. She is greatly missed by her family and dal pals. Peaches, now you can play with a tennis ball as much as you want.

Peachie was my girl and someday I will meet her at the Rainbow Bridge. She will be with Lucky, Timber and Danny until then. Sweet Dreams. I love and miss you, Dianna.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SPARKY ARKY FIRESTONE "Sparky or Sparkles"
- December 25, 1994 - December 27, 1999

Sparky was my first dally. He was my family's, and especially, my best friend. He was always there when I needed him, and when I was sad he would put his head down on my belly to cheer me up. His time on earth was so short and we grieve for his loss. He was part of our family and our best friend. We will miss everything about him and especially the happy expression on his face when we came home. WE LOVE YOU SPARKY, FOREVER! I MISS YOU!

Sparky was much loved and will be met at the bridge by his devoted owner Amanda Lea Firestone and her family.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes JASPER `JASPER`
- D.O.B UNKNOWN - Died November 1999

I knew Jasper since I was 2 and he was still years older than me! I used to sit in his basket with him and Pixie and we all fell asleep together. I am now 12. Jasper was a wonderful dog and loved walks, His best friends were me and our cat Pixie. He loved walks and his favourite food fried eggs. He is deeply missed and he is with Pixie now and is happy, he had to be put down because of not eating or drinking, but he was 16 and lived his life to the full. See you soon boy,Love you!

We will see you soon and miss you lots,
love from,
Jodie,Zoe,Sue,Andy and Vera.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes U-CD Chief Spotted Body CD CGC "Spot"
- January 19, 1993 - November 5, 1999

I lost my first Spot unexpectedly to kidney failure. He was my start in the wonderful (sometimes exhausting) world of being owned by dalmatians and my first obedience dog. He was a great dog who loved everyone he ever met. I miss you already and will never forget you. Your human mom, Yvette Powders

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PIERCE LA FRANCE "Pierce"
- October, 1998 - October 12, 1999

Pierce was one who brought love to thousands. In parades, school "fire prevention programs", Day School Classes and as a "Grandson" to me. He will forever live in my heart!

Pierce was a MOST SPECIAL Dal. We all look forward to the time when he will come running to greet us! As the old hymn says, "What A Day That Will Be!" Enjoy your perfect home my beloved "grandson" until the day breaks and we will forever be together in love and happiness!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH PROCTOR RAZZLDAZZL OF THE MT. "Snooper"
- October 12, 1987 - Oct 18, 1999

Snooper earned his name by snooping into everything. He was quite a character. He loved everyone. I grew gray hair the day that I had him in town for socialization. A young child who had played with him a while before, ran up to him and threw her arms around his middle and hugged him. He loved all of it.

Snooper will be met by Shirley & Gary Allegre, etc. You are greatly missed Snoops. I still have your crate in the house. Get a lot of rest so that when we meet, we can go running and jumping. I love you.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PIERCE LA FRANCE "Pierce"
- October, 1998 - October 12, 1999

Pierce was one who brought love to thousands. In parades, school "fire prevention programs", Day School Classes and as a "Grandson" to me. He will forever live in my heart!

Pierce was a MOST SPECIAL Dal. We all look forward to the time when he will come running to greet us! As the old hymn says, "What A Day That Will Be!" Enjoy your perfect home my beloved "grandson" until the day breaks and we will forever be together in love and happiness!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes WIZZER, "Wizzie"
- Aug. 1997- Oct. 3, 1999

Wizzer was just a little fellow, who came to us a abused frightened little guy. In the years he became a comical, loving little wonder in all of our lives. Everyday I wake up to his empty chair and feel so much sorrow, and wonder how he is and if he is looking down upon me and giving a "Wizzie Smile" and I think "Sure he is"! That thought always gives me the lift to finish the day.

Wizzer was so very loved by his family Mom, Dad, Courtney, Chelsea and Adam. Wizzie, I have tucked you nicely in bed with your pillow and blanket and will meet you at the bridge. I LOVE YOU.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MASTER CODY BELLE, "Cody"
- Feb. 7, 1993-Aug. 20,1999

Cody was our big baby, he loved to sit on the couch beside you and slide down so that he could lay on you. Cody was only with us for a short time but we will miss his big loud bark if he wasn't getting enough attention and those yellow eyes that he 'used' to make everyone fall in love with him.

Mike and Tammie Patterson will never forget Cody and his loving heart. He will be missed until the day we see him in heaven. Have fun playing with Madison, Cody. We cannot wait until we see you ---and you will never have to hide from the seizures again.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AM/CAN CH MADURHASON'S TOP MARKS OF FOX, "Buddy"
- July 26, 1989 - August 6, 1999

Buddy was my first show dog and spoiled me rotten in the ring. There will never be another one like him, but at the top of the list he was "Buddy".

Buddy was loved by Janeen and all his sisters and brothers. Mama loves and misses her baby boy.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes FIRESIDE FADED GENES C.D., C.G.C., T.T. "Levi"
- August 11, 1991 - July 5, 1999

Levi was one of the 9 who were Dx with Cardiomegly from being on the UD diet. This was a very special boy and loved very deeply. Several days after Levi's death, I heard that the last solar eclipse of this millenium will be on August 11, 1999. In my own way I would like to think that this natural miracle is GOD's way of celebrating Levi's life.

Levi was much loved and will be greatly missed by Vicky and Dennis Emmel and Sharon Roy.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CARQUEVILLE'S CHARLIE GIRL "Charlie"
- May 16, 1985 - June 29, 1999

Charlie my good girl, you will be missed dearly by me. Watching you suffer those last few months broke my heart. Taking you to the vet the last time was the hardest thing for me to do, but the last thing I could do for such a good friend. I will miss you always.

Charlie I will see you again someday, and when you greet me at the bridge, we will have an eternity to laugh and play together. Say hi to Mom and Dad & Lulu. Rest well girl. John

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SIMPLY SPOT, "Spot"
- October 12, l995 - April 9, 1999

Rachel and I loved you dearly and we miss you daily. Thank you for teaching my daughter the Golden loved and were loved. You paid attention and were given attention. You taught my child one of Life's most valuable lessons.

"Spot" was much loved and will be greatly missed by Debra and Rachel Williams.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AM/INT CH. CYNCAR MISS MOLLY OF CROATIA, "Molly"
- Feb. 29, 1992 (a leap year baby!) - May 14, 1999

We regret to announce the untimely and tragic passing of AM/INT CH. Cyncar Miss Molly of Croatia. Molly was our foundation bitch but, she gave a lot more than just puppies to all of us. The pleasure was all ours Molly.....may we meet again someday.

Molly was much loved and will be greatly missed by Maureen (Bouska) Deer, Mike Deer, Jancie and Emilie Rosales. By her son, Gus who adored and doted on her whenever she would visit. And by her daughter, Nicky, whom she lived with for the past four years.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. SMITHFORGED SOUTH ST SADIE, "Sadie"
- April 17, 1989 - April 25, 1999

Sadie lived her life giving a 110% each and every day. She was a wonderful dam and I'm thankful for the kids she's given me and the grandkids yet to come. More than anything she was my partner for life. I will never forget her.

Sadie was much loved and will be greatly missed by Brad and Karen Moore. We'll meet you at the bridge with open arms--and a brand new green tennis ball!

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DAISY
- 1987 - April 12, 1999

My sweet Daisy came to me as an adult. She was a great walking companion, polite housedog and loved to be petted for hours by anyone. Some family members accused her of being neurotic. I miss my loving Daisy and will meet her at the bridge with a big couch for her to lie on.

Daisy was much loved and will be greatly missed by Jane Neely.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PURE CNTRY'S ROBBSDALE MAJESTIC LIGHT, "JR"
- Sept. l9, l997 - April 12, l999

Our sweet boy, JR was with us only 18 very short months but left the largest foot prints on our hearts. We can still see him peaking out of the litter saying "you are taking me home with you no matter how long you look". And the trip to the elementary school for responsible pet ownership with Tom where you were mobbed by the kids --but loved every minute of it! JR has always been a champion from the start!

JR will forever be in our hearts, greatly missed & loved by Tom Elliott and Sharon Roy (Till we meet again our sweet boy!)

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes HOPI KACHINA DREAM CATCHER, CD, CGC, "KIVA"
- April 28, 1994-April 1, l999

Kiva was my "brown girl","princess girl" who was one of three of my many Dals over the years to have a special place in my heart. Her untimely passing occurred on the Blue Moon and, hopefully, it is an occurance that will be once in a blue moon as they say. I know she is running with "Cody" and watching over the Bearded Oaks gang. I see her doing her thing and feel her presence often.

Kiva was much loved and will be greatly missed by Susan Brooksbank and Ray Nogar.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes BRIAN
- June, 1998-March, 1999.

I gave Brian a strong Celtic name to protect him and encourage him. Brian was a tri-color Dalmatian, only 8 months old when I rescued him from the shelter. Brian had never been vaccinated until then and, sadly, he caught distemper. Brian loved to lay on my lap and be petted. He followed me everywhere, so happy to be in a real home where he was a beloved family member. Unfortunately, the distemper worsened and I came home one night to find him having seizures. I took him to the emergency vet and held him in my arms while he went peacefully to the Spotted Rainbow Bridge. In Brian's memory, I created a page of distemper links at to help others whose dogs might be suffering with this horrible disease. Brian's story and photos can be seen at

Brian was much loved and is greatly missed by Bill and Terri Haase and Brian's sister, Tara, who survived distemper.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AVIATORS ROYAL RED BARON (L) CGC, "Baron"
- Jan 21,1995-Feb 22,1999.

Baron was a sweet and natural gentlemen. He taught me what it was like to love that very special one in a million dog. He was my companion, my best friend, and I will always remember and LOVE him. He will forever be in my heart. He died of Renal Failure. I didn't have him long enough.

Baron will meet Claudia at the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss you and love you very much my angel boy.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AM/CAN CH. KORCULA MIDNIGHT STAR BRET D "Charley"
- June 27, 1985-February 9, 1999

Charley was the most loving, gentle soul in the world. He was his happiest when he could lay in your lap and relax. He was my best friend.

Charley was loved dearly by Debbie, Ann & Gary. You are in our thoughts daily Charley. Until we meet again, sleep well dear friend.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CROSS COUNTRY CELEBRATION, "CELEBRATON" OR "HOKIS" (which means "my heart" or "my soul" in Armenian)
- February 24, l985 - December 24, l998

It was our pleasure and honor to have been blessed with Celebration's company and love for almost 14 years. Her unconditional devotion guided us through sickness and health---and the countless happy memories of our shared experiences and her joyful antics will guide us through the rest of our lives. Although Celebration may now be playing with her mother and her brothers at the Rainbow Bridge, her special spot in our hearts will always be alive---and we all look forward to greeting our best friend again someday and crossing the Bridge together.

Celebration (our Hokis) was so much loved and is terribly missed by John, Vi, Chris and Mike Dagdigian, and Sean, Nonny and Kaitlyn Bowe.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes Montazh Medusa Mirage "Medusa"
- 8-28-97 to 12-19-98

"Duce" was a lovely little girl in every way.

"Domino" I got him when he was 6 weeks till he passed over 4-21-99
"KC" MONTAZH MASTERPIECE" A beauty indeed. 8-28-97 to 10-28-99

You are all missed and loved every day, Paula

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DOTZINKS THE WAY IT OUGHTA BE "RUSH"
- Feb. 2, 1998 - Nov. 9, l998

Rush was my "Boy" in a short period of time. He would have stayed here even if he never stepped in a show ring. My heart remains broken but his sister, Marta, helps with the sadness. Rush is at the Rainbow Bridge with his great, great grandma Dotti and I know they are watching over me.

Rush was much loved and will be greatly missed by Lyra Partch.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PROCTOR ONYX JEWEL OF THE MT, "Ony"
- May 11, 1984 - October 8, 1998

Ony was a big smiler. She used to smile when I told her to smile. She contributed many wonderful and winning offspring to the Dalmatian world. She was never a pushy mother. She was so easy going. She was a real joy to live with. She won in Brood Bitch at DCNC. She got five 1sts and one 2nd.

Ony will be met by Shirley Allegre, etc. Ony is greatly missed by everyone, including so many in the Dalmatian world. Rest peacefully my sweety. I really miss those big smiles. I love you.

Also loved and missed by Shirley and Gary:
PROCTOR GOLD NUGGET OF THE MT, "Nugget", 20 April 1990 - 24 October 1994.
COPPER DIAMOND OF THE MT, "Copper", - 8 September 1983 - 16 May 1986.
CHOPPER OF THE MOUNTAINS, "Chopper", - 14 July 1969 - 16 Sept 1983.
SENOR SOL PIMENTO, "Sol", - 1968 - July 1969.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SOPHIE TUCKER STRAWBRIDGE "SOPHIE"
- Sept. 14, l992 - Oct. 6, l998

Sophie was chosen because she was the runt of her litter and she smiled at us. She soon became the perfect companion for her deaf brother, J. T., and could be counted on to tag him for his attention if we asked her to. Annie was only with us a few weeks when Sophie died but we know that Soph told Annie everything she needed to know to carry on in her place.

Sophie is missed every single day by her family, Paul, Syl, Matthew, J. T. and Annie.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes CH. LADY LAUREL ASHLEY OF OXFORD CGC "Laurel"
- September 8, 1985 - September 26, 1998

Laurel was an inspiration to me. Such a loving individual Dal who made us all smile, enjoyed life each day and never complained, just slobbered her way into our lives. She had a nose like a bloodhound, loved taking rides in the car with me, going on long walks, and snuggling up at night in my room. She touched my soul and made me realize how precious all life is.

Laurel remains deeply loved and I know she is comforted by my Father on the other side, along with my other dogs. Until we meet again, have fun and don't make Dad run too much. I'll bring your red ball with me when I come. Carol A Girzaitis

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes AM/CAN CH. PAISLEY N TUCKS EUREKA (L) "ELOISE"
- Jan. 1, l989 - Sept. 16, l998

Eloise was a beautiful, vivacious, athletic liver lady. She ruled my home for almost ten years and left behind a wonderful legacy in her outstanding offspring. Eloise could always run the fastest, jump the highest, swim the farthest, and play with her beloved soccer ball for hours, but was also a wonderful lapdog and a perfect housepet. We miss her.

Eloise was much loved and will be greatly missed by Ron, Sue and Jess. We'll meet you at the bridge with open arms!

- Dec. 25, 1983-- July 20, 1998.

Dotti was my first Dal and no one will every replace her. She was truly my best friend, was there for me raising my daughter, (good times and bad), and the passing of my parents, at which time she comforted me so much. She loved to show and still was in the veteran class at 13-1/3 yrs.--- loving every minute of it! I would not have entered this sport if she hadn't come along. I truly thank her for that.

Dottie was much loved and will be greatly missed by Lyra Partch.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MAXIMILLIAN CONRAD WYATT, "MAX"
- July 27, l984 - July 20, l998.

Max was a champion mountain climber. He climbed thirty 14,000' mountains in Colorado and went on many backpacks with us. We never knew what a large space he occupied in our hearts until he left us. We still miss him so very much His memorial can be viewed at

Max was much loved and will be greatly missed by Marion & Terry Mitchell.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LA. CAJUN DIXIE BELLE, "Dixie"
- Sept. 2, 1998 - April 9, 1998.

Dixie, you were my best friend and my loving companion through the very short time you were with me. You taught me things that I did not know a puppy could teach. I will always remember the little spotted bundle of joy that I received in my greatest time of need.

You will be loved and missed by Allyson, Robbie, and Ray. When we cross over that bridge, there will be lots of love and hugs for the little spotted bundle of joy that we have loved unconditionally.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ROCKFORD LEE KENNEDY "Rocky"
July 5, 1987 - April 6, 1998

Larry & Denise

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes LADYBUG (she was a rescue) "Lady," "Buggers"
- We don't know her exact birthdate ... she passed March 6, 1998.

My sweet Lady was the first Dal for me. She loved to cuddle, slept with her leash (or my purse), and mothered the cats. There will never be another like her.

Sharon E. Everett. Hugs to you, my beautiful girl ... you can sleep with my purse and I'll cuddle you in my dreams.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes PRINCESS MINDALA VON RIST, Mindy
- February 22, 1982 - January 5, 1998.

She was my friend for almost 16 years. She slept in my bed, met me me at the door every time I entered and watched me leave every time I left. Even when she was very old and could barely see, she would still get up to greet me with a wagging tail when I came home. I like to remember her when she was young - how she could run like the wind.

Rest well, good friend, with Sparky your best buddy, and some day we'll be together again. Sharon.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes ABIGAIL ISLAND PRINCESS "Abbey"
- February 26, 1987 - November 24, 1997.

Larry & Denise

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DOMINO, "big-dog"
- unknown to 11-30-97.

An adopted sweetie. I'll always miss the way he used to lay upside-down in my lap, and whine "uh huuuhhhhh" when I rubbed his ears. I'm so glad I had the chance to know him, though the time was much too short. I hope I made him as happy as he made me. I will ALWAYS miss my big-dot-dog.

I loved Big Dog like no other dog-person. He will always be the standard that others have to live up to. I love you my Big Dog.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes DUDLEY MEADOWS, (aka: Dudley DoWrong)
- Oct. 8, 1989 to Oct. 29, 1997.

Dudley was never blessed with great health just great spirit, never complained and always wagged his tail, even when he was in trouble. He had a smile that would instantly melt your heart and make you feel bad for wanting to scold him. He was our beloved companion, friend and an angel on earth..

"Dudley was much loved and has been greatly missed by Marie, Randy, Crystal and Patches"

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes MISTRAL'S IRISH YANKEE C.D. "Shannon"
- Sept. 23,1984 to Oct. 26,1997.

Shannon was my best friend and was always there when I needed her. She is greatly missed every single day and her giving nature will be with me always.

Shannon was greatly loved and is still missed by Amy Edwards. I'll see you at the bridge Shanny Gert. I Love You.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SUNSET'S QUINCY U.D. "Quincy"
- February 2,1983 -- November 5, 1995.

Quincy was a true friend, always there for me always capable of putting a smile on my face. He lived to perform in the obedience ring and of course sleep in Kenny's lap at the end of the day!

Quincy, your love and memory are still alive in our hearts. See you later buddy, love Ken and Angie.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SPOTTY ELLEN TRYON "spotty"
- 7-28-89 - 7-31-95.

Spotty was my favorite dog and favorite animal that I have ever had. I love spotty and miss him. He loved to catch balls, and frisbies. Spotty would love to swim also. He would sleep with me and he also would give me hugs and kisses when I needed them or when I was really sad. He was a wonderful dog to be around. I miss him very much and still love him even though he is gone. Spotty got lost when he crossed the bridge.

I hope Spotty will be found someday. He was loved a lot by my whole family.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes SUCH.HANDSOME HUGGER OF CROATIA C.D. "HUGGER"
- Aug 25 1983 TO April 5 1995.

Once I owned a great dog; kind, loyal, loving, gentle and most beautiful! But one day I awoke and he was gone, it was a wonderful dream.

I will forever hold myself responsible for Huggers death. I live for the day that we meet at the bridge so I can ask for his forgivness! Angie

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes FALLON
- April '82-'95.

You were always there for me when i was sad. You were hard to scold when you used to come home w/rabbits in your mouth. You were a delight to everyone. Now you are running free just like you always loved. You went in such a peaceful way, surrounded by friends and family that loved you dear. You will always be missed. You were my best friend.

Fallon was loved very much and will be missed by Autumn,Amber,Thomas, Darla,and Desiree. We will all meet again someday and then will never leave.

cloud angel.gif - 5875 Bytes IRISH CHAMPION CLONAKENNY HOT BRANDY, "cujo"
- 13th July 1984 - 15th February 1994.

Never a day goes by when I don't miss him, my big boy. always in my heart.

We will join you one day my precious boy; loved and missed by Frances and Eileen Ryan.

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