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Thank you for your interest in
  D.A.L./Dalsavers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to
supporting a national network of  independent Dalmatian rescue
volunteers.  Our primary goal is to provide support for our rescue
affiliates, who save homeless Dalmatians from possible euthanasia and
place them in new, loving adoptive homes.  Our volunteers also advise,
assist, and educate current Dalmatian owners so that their dogs can
remain in their homes.   

   We also strive to educate the public about the Dalmatian breed and
responsible dog ownership in general, and to provide educational
resources to the public regarding the importance of spay/neuter of
companion Dalmatians to reduce the population of unwanted dogs. We also
provide referral services for dog training specialists to owners and
potential owners.

   As part of this mission we work to generate financial support for
the volunteers who are part of our network - primarily to reimburse
thecosts of spay/neuter surgery and innoculations of homeless
Dalmatians. Financial support is obtained through direct donations 
from the publicand from the sales ofDalsavers logo items and 
Dalmatian-related items donated by the public.   Our avenue for
generating these funds is our website as well as a booth at various
dog shows, including the annual national Dalmatian show sponsored by
the Dalmatian Club of America.

  D.A.L./Dalsavers began as an informal organization in 1996. We are
incorporated as a publicly  supported charitable organization under the
provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. 

  A list of our affiliate volunteer rescue organizations is available
at our website or upon request.

  All Dalsavers workers, including the Board of Directors and corporate
officers, are volunteers - no one collects a salary.  All donations
received by D.A.L./Dalsavers goes directly to the benefit of homeless

  Dalsavers follow the DCA guidelines for rescue but they are
also given autonomy in their rescue practices. We are always looking for
new volunteers to join this incredible and dedicated team of Dalmatian 
lovers.  There is room for everyone at D.A.L./Dalsavers.  Many people
believe that being involved with rescue means that you must foster
dogs and visit shelters.  

  This is not the case.  We need affiliates in many capacities,
including counseling owners and potential owners, conducting
home visits, transportation "links" of Dals to their new homes,
or just assisting with e-mail consultations!  There is room for
everyone in Dalmatian rescue efforts.