November, 2000

The upcoming Disney sequel "102 Dalmatians", due for release in 
November has Dalmatian groups on alert nationwide. Still recovering 
from the deluge that followed the 1996 release of "101", Dalmatian 
clubs, rescue organizations, and Dal lovers throughout the United 
States are organized, strategic and proactive.

Dalmatian Assistance League/Dalsavers is promoting public education by
assisting rescue groups nationwide with activities and materials 
encouraging informed breed selection and responsible dog ownership.

The release of Disney's `101 Dalmatians' movies focused attention 
on the Dalmatian breed. Dalmatian puppies were bred in 
anticipation that an increased demand for spotted puppies 
would mean a profit. While some of these breeders were able to 
sell their pups, many were not and entire litters were abandoned 
or turned into shelters. Pups who were sold to unprepared impulse 
buyers were also abandoned and there were few homes for the adult 
dogs. Dalmatian lovers who wanted to help were overwhelmed and
disappointed.  The only recourse for so many Dals was euthanasia.

Dalsavers intends not to let history repeat itself. Our goal is to educate
the public with the message of responsible dog ownership: no one should
adopt a dog without careful thought. Do some research and meet lots of 
dogs before you select a pet.  Get your dog only from a responsible 
breeder, rescue group or humane organization. Once you have your pet, 
spay or neuter. If you have already bred a litter, take responsibility 
for the lives you created and find new homes for any that have become

For more information, go to http://www.dalsavers.org or http://www.thedca.org.

It's a life. Be responsible.
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